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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Sweet Photo Shows Him Posing with Granddaughter Madalynn

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Lucy Pemoni/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter know he can get tough in a red-hot minute. He also can chill, too, when it comes to his granddaughter.

Recently, Lyssa Chapman, daughter of Duane “Dog” Chapman, tossed out a photo showing “Dog” with his granddaughter Madalynn on his knee. It’s a sweet, tender photo with Chapman enjoying that moment with Madalynn.

The photo reached Lyssa Chapman’s 271,000-plus followers on Instagram. She, along with her father, has been dealing with the loss of Chapman’s wife, Beth, in July 2019.

Right now, Lyssa Chapman is making preparations to get married to her fiancee’ Leiana.

Take a quick look at this sweet picture from days gone by of Madalynn, who now is 11 years old. Grandpa “Dog” is smiling big-time here, something people he runs down don’t see at all.

Dog the Bounty Hunter New Show May Appear Soon

Chapman hasn’t given up chasing down bad people, though. He was all set to premiere a new show, “Dog Unleashed!”, on Jan. 1, 2021, but had to delay it.

Much like a lot of other entertainment shows and events, COVID-19 restrictions put Chapman and his crew’s film schedule on the backburner.

Will the show premiere this year? That’s the expectation as restrictions begin to loosen up around the United States.

Don’t expect Chapman to be spending his time chasing bail jumpers in “Dog Unleashed.” Oh no, he and his team are going after people like murderers, child rapists, and child molesters. They all will get the wrath of “Dog” and his crew in this new show.

When the show premieres, it will be shown on the “Unleashed!” crime-justice entertainment streaming service.

If you are looking for a taste of what “Dog Unleashed” is going to be like, then take a look at this sneak-peek right now.