Dog the Bounty Hunter Reportedly Didn’t Invite Two of His Children to Upcoming Wedding

by Samantha Whidden

With his wedding to Francie Frane set to take place on September 2nd, Dog the Bounty Hunter is experiencing some drama among family members. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughters, Cecily and Bonnie Chapman shared with TMZ that their father actually did not invite them to the upcoming celebration. They also revealed to the media outlet they have no idea why he has decided to not send them invitations. 

The reality star’s daughters have stated they have no ill will towards Dog the Bounty Hunter’s future wife. But Cecily has a theory. Cecily believes that she and her sister remind him too much of their mother, Beth, who is Dog’s late wife. She passed away from throat cancer in 2019. 

Cecily further explained that she and her sister resemble Beth and both the girls’ lives are similar to their mother’s life. She thinks the resemblance may actually scare Dog the Bounty Hunter. This may be why he is not sending the girls invitations. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth’s son, Gary, has reportedly received an invitation to the wedding. The girls believe this is due to the fact that Gary doesn’t resemble Beth. Bonnie has yet to discuss this theory with the reality star. Cecily added that she did reach out to her father through a text message, but hasn’t received a response. 

Dog The Bounty Hunter and his soon-to-be bride have shared with TMZ that they love the girls. “We pray for their health and happiness every day. Beyond this statement, We wish to keep any family issues private.”

Cecily Cancels Her Own Wedding As Dog The Bounty Hunter Prepares For His Upcoming Nuptials. 

As previously reported, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Cecily recently announced that she has canceled her upcoming “dream wedding” to her fiance, Matty Smith. Although the couple has decided to cancel the event, Cecily states that she and Matty have not completely broken up.

“It could be a year. It could be six months [or] two years. Or it could be a long time,” Cecily told The Sun. “So we’re just not sure. I’m definitely not in a rush to get married.” 

Cecily further explained to the media outlet that she didn’t want to get into the reason as to why she and Matty split. She is just respecting Matty’s privacy. Also in a previous interview, Cecily also discussed not receiving an invite to Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wedding, “I’m assuming that he thinks I wouldn’t want to be there,” She stated. “I didn’t even know there was a date until The Sun did a story about it.”

Cecily goes on to add that her father’s engagement actually surprised her since her mother only passed away from cancer just two years ago. “He’s got to find his own happiness. And I’m happy for him. He’s got to do what he’s got to do.”