Dog the Bounty Hunter Speaks Out on Why Police Officers Are His ‘Greatest Heroes’

by Quentin Blount

Dog the Bounty Hunter is speaking out about the issue of police use of lethal force against suspects.

For those who don’t know, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s real name is Duane Chapman. And Chapman sat down recently with Newsweek to talk about police, who he says are his “greatest heroes.”

“My greatest heroes, of course, are police officers,” Chapman told Newsweek. “And you know, I’m not one, but I sure wish I would have turned right instead of left and been one.”

Chapman also talked about his past training as a bounty hunter. After all, his experience isn’t something to squawk at. He has spent 43 years of his life bounty hunting and has successfully apprehended more than 8,000 suspects.

But he says that he has never had to use lethal force. In an interview with Fox News back in April, he called for police to “take the lead out” and use non-lethal force. He believes that police need better training and different methods to apprehend potentially dangerous suspects.

“I probably have shot 1,500 people, but I’ve always used non-lethal weapons,” he continued. “I’ve been shot at, I’ve been attacked with knives, machetes, whatever, bullwhips, you name it, baby carts, shopping carts. And I have never, thank God, had to kill anyone because my non-lethal weapon will drop a mule.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter Poses the Question: ‘Who Can Outdraw Who?’

As fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter already know, the man is not short on confidence. Chapman says that as long as he outdraws a criminal first, his non-lethal weapon will get the job done every time.

“So with one of my weapons, it’s not, he’s got the lead bullet, we’ve got different ammunition,” Chapman says. “It’s actually, who’s quickest on the draw? If I can outdraw the perpetrator of bad guy, I’m gonna win.”

“If he can outdraw me, no matter what I’m using, non-lethal or lead, he’s gonna win. So the whole idea is, of course, the law enforcement to be quicker on the draw. But we don’t need to kill the person.”

There is no doubt that Dog the Bounty Hunter has his own ideas of how police should be trained. He told Newsweek that he has been looking into police training. He also believes that all states should require the same exact training for more consistency and transparency across state lines.

“Six months is the longest police training course that I have been able to find,” he said. “And then here’s your gun? Here’s your badge?”

Meanwhile, at the end of the day, Chapman still calls America’s police officers his “greatest heroes.” In addition to saying that he wishes he would have become a cop, he often references the Bible to express his gratitude for the men in blue.

“And one of the greatest scriptures in the Bible is that it’s a great man — or someone really great — is that person that would lay down his life for another human being.”