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Dog the Bounty Hunter Teases Major ‘Announcement’ Coming Soon

by Jacklyn Krol
Angela Weiss, Getty Images

What’s Dog The Bounty up to?

On Thursday, September 9, Duane Chapman teased his Twitter followers that something is in the works. “Love you all !! Great things happening!! Announcement coming soon,” he wrote.

Fans began speculating that this could be an announcement regarding his upcoming new television show that he previously spoke about on August 25. This will mark his second attempt at a new series since his original 2012 show ended.

He announced his upcoming series via Instagram.

“Yes, One of my best friends Bobby Brown will be part of My new show Beware Of Dog, Coming Soon !!!!” he revealed. He did not clarify which network or platform the show will be under or if his new wife or family will be part of it.

Dog the Bounty Hunter recently got married for the sixth time. This follows his previous marriage to Beth Chapman passed away in 2019 from cancer. Despite vowing to not wed again, he found love in Francie Frane. Meanwhile, some of his family weren’t invited and were not in attendance for the big day.

Duane has been fighting with his daughters Bonnie and Cecily Chapman. He did not invite them to his wedding. However, Bonnie and Cecily aren’t upset that he chose to remarry, rather it was all Dog. Meanwhile, Garry, the son of  Dog and Beth, was invited to the ceremony. The event took place at the Pinery At The Hill.

Dog The Bounty Drama Explained

Cecily told TMZ that she believes that this situation scares him and that he’s reminded of Beth in them. They recently got into a fight over a television network.

Back in 2020, Dog The Bounty Hunter had a series that he was filming for UnleashedTV, Dog Unleashed. The series never aired as he violated his contract with the network after he reportedly using racist and homophobic language.

“Our internal investigation confirmed racist and homophobic comments from Mr. Chapman, as well as illegal activity during filming, which Unleashed Entertainment cannot and will not tolerate,” a statement from the production company read.

Meanwhile, Cecily and Bonnie continued to work with the network. They have their own series, The System, which spotlights social justice issues. The sisters revealed to the outlet that their father goes against the Black Lives Matter movement. He previously called protestors “thugs” among other terms.

Bonnie Chapman released a text from Frane through TMZ. Frane apparently said that the network that the girls support “stabbed him in the back”. If the text message is true, it seems as though their argument stemmed from UnleashedTV and their personal beliefs.

In the alleged text message, Frane went as far as to reference their deceased mother. She wrote, “We love how the two of you in different ways like your mom.”