Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Details ‘Terrifying’ At-Home Incident

by Matthew Wilson

Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s daughter Lyssa Chapman recently had enough drama for reality television, ending up in a tricky situation. Or at the very least, Chapman would have been at home on a sitcom.

The daughter of the reality star had a comedy of errors while trying to pick papayas at her home. A fun spur-of-the-moment decision turned into a terrifying at-home incident for Chapman. The TV personality quickly realized you shouldn’t pick papayas alone. Or climb onto your roof for that matter.

Papayas are fruit that grows high in a tree. Chapman had a papaya tree on her property. So, she went and got a ladder for an afternoon treat. In a series of tweets, the reality star recounted her scary ordeal.

“So today I decided was going to pick papaya from my tree. It’s quite high but I thought, “Hey I’ll just jump on the roof and pick from there” The ladder I had was about two feet away from the rooftop so I gave a little hop, and as I pulled myself on the roof the Ladder fell,” Chapman wrote.

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Gets Trapped

But Lyssa Chapman had her eyes on the prize. After all, her mama didn’t raise a quitter. Or at least, that’s probably what she was thinking when she decided to go for the fruit. To make a bad situation worse, she didn’t have her phone on her.

“I decided after picking fruit I’d deal with how to get down. With My phone down on the speaker, (and it blaring 80s rock music) I quickly determined no one was coming to help. So I decided the gutter would be strong enough to hold me,” Chapman continued.

Chapman decided to used the gutter as a makeshift ladder to climb down. She posed the risk of the gutter breaking and causing her to fall as a result. But worse, Chapman realized she forgot her fruit on the roof on the way down.

“As I hung there unsure of which was more terrifying- The gutter giving way or letting go and falling to my doom, it dawned on me…. I LEFT THE D–N PAPAYA ON THE ROOF,” she wrote. “I could only reach one small one and literally robbed myself of the fruits of my labor.”

Fortunately for Chapman, she made it down in one piece. But she didn’t get the afternoon snack that she was craving after all.

“My tummy is scraped ( and maybe my ego) but I can definitively say that picking fruit from your rooftop alone is never a good idea,” Chapman wrote.