Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Joins New Show Shortly After His Was Canceled

by Will Shepard

Dog the Bounty Hunter ran from 2003 until 2012. The next time he got his own show was in 2019, when he starred in Dog’s Most Wanted. He was supposed to star in another show, but it was canceled before it even aired.

Unleashed Entertainment claimed that he breached his contract, and that was why the show was canceled. The show was going to be called Dog Unleashed. It later surfaced that Dog the Bounty Hunter was released on accusations of racist and homophobic comments he made.

Nonetheless, his daughter, Bonnie Chapman, is moving forward with television. She is taking on a new show called The System.

Interestingly, the show is also being made by Unleashed Entertainment. The series focuses on social justice issues and is entering its second season on television. Bonnie Chapman and the company announced the news today, May 18.

“I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing cast. Everyone around me is wonderful and filled with such determination,” Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter said in a statement on Tuesday. “For the longest time, I was living in the shadow of someone else. For the first time, I’m making a name for myself.”

Additionally, the President of Unleashed Entertainment, Mike Donovan, spoke about her role. He noted that Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter wanted to help address the issues of race that America deals with.

“Bonnie has lived an incredible life, and her commitment to stand up for disenfranchised people and against the American police state speaks volumes to her character and integrity. She will be an incredible member of The System’s team.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Wants to Help Sort Out America’s Racial Struggles

Bonnie Chapman is joining a show that will focus on “exposing the significant pitfalls” in America. In particular, the show will look at the criminal justice system.

During the last season of The System, the show investigated the case of Myi’Son Ellis. Ellis was sentenced to 50 years in prison after being convicted of murder. As it turned out, it was a wrongful conviction.

Dog the Bounty hunter’s daughter was vocal about her position on the conviction. Bonnie Chapman said, “It’s tragic to see the judicial system fail. To see it convict an innocent man. I’m glad we were able to give Myi’Son some hope and support. We’ll continue to do so until he’s free.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter is currently filming with The System. You can watch the show now on a new crime and justice streaming serving TVUnleashed.