Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Speaks Out on What’s Causing Rift With Dad, Got Her Uninvited From Wedding

by Clayton Edwards

It looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter doesn’t need a reality show to stay tied up in drama. Recently, the world learned that he did not invite two of his daughters to his upcoming wedding. Bonnie and Cecily Chapman will not be there to celebrate their father’s nuptials in September. That seems pretty harsh. However, Bonnie is pretty sure she knows why her father didn’t invite her or her step-sister to the event.

Speaking to TMZ, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth’s biological daughter laid out some of the reasons. For one, she believes that her continued work with UnleashedTV has put her at odds with her father.

TV’s favorite bounty hunter was set to air his new show Dog Unleashed on the platform this year. However, they fired him not long before the show was set to start. They cited Dog’s use of racist and homophobic slurs as the reason for firing him. As a result, there’s bad blood between Chapman and his former employers.

On the other hand, Bonnie says that the content of her show The System irks Dog the Bounty Hunter. She thinks that it might be part of the reason that she and Cecily aren’t invited to the wedding. The show focuses on issues of social justice. At the same time, Bonnie openly supports the Black Lives Matter movement on the show. While speaking to TMZ, Ms. Chapman said that her father equates BLM supporters to “thugs,” and has used other derogatory terms to describe them.

According to the outlet, Dog the Bounty Hunter claims that Bonnie’s accusations are “an attempt to derail his career.” However, it doesn’t seem like he has much of a career to derail, at this time. Furthermore, he says that his former employers are “grooming,” his daughters.

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Fiancee Allegedly Adds Fuel To The Fire

Francie Frane, the woman who plans to marry Dog the Bounty Hunter in September allegedly sent an angry text to Bonnie. In the message, she explains why the Chapman sisters won’t be invited to the wedding.

TMZ added a screenshot of the text that Dog the Bounty Hunter’s fiancée allegedly sent. The text starts by saying that “playing dumb,” does not suit Bonnie “AT ALL,” before stating that she is much smarter than she is letting on. Then, the text states that she and Dog love how both young ladies are like their late mother.

Then, the lengthy tirade gets into the meat of why Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughters aren’t invited to the wedding. “So let’s not beat around the bush, [y]ou and Cecily both know you haven’t been invited to the wedding because [you’re] living under the same roof with the people who stabbed in the back, robbed, lied [to], manipulated, smeared his name, and tried to ruin his career.”

The message goes on to say that the sender’s job is to protect Dog the Bounty Hunter at all costs. To her, part of that protection is barring his children from the wedding because Bonnie continues to work with UnleashedTV.