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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Unleashes on Sisters Over ‘Cult Mentality’ After They Slammed His Wedding

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

Nothing stirs up good old-fashioned family drama like a wedding. This is especially true when the groom decides to leave two of his daughters out of the event. Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family are learning this right now. At the same time, the world is watching it unfold.

Recently, Dog the Bounty Hunter announced that he will marry Francie Frane in September. However, he has decided that his daughters Bonnie and Cecily aren’t on the guest list. As you could imagine, both young women have opinions on why they didn’t secure an invite.

Cecily recently spoke out about why she thinks she and Bonnie won’t be on the guest list. She believes that she and her sister remind Dog the Bounty Hunter too much of his late wife and their mother. As a result, she thinks that they will be a reminder that Dog can’t replace Beth.

Bonnie, on the other hand, has a different opinion. She recently stated that her continued work with UnleashedTV is at the center of the drama. The network planned to air the latest iteration of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s show called Dog Unleashed. However, they fired him before the show premiered alleging that Dog used racist and homophobic slurs.

However, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s other daughter, Lynn, recently took to Instagram to fire back at her sisters.

Lynn Defends Dog the Bounty Hunter, Blasts Her Sisters

Lynn started her lengthy post by stating that her sisters are “putting out lies,” about Dog the Bounty Hunter. She urged her followers to not listen to what her sisters are saying. She went on to allege that UnleashedTV is using them to get revenge on Dog.

Lynn went on to refute the accusations of racism and homophobia that Unleashed and Bonnie laid against Dog the Bounty Hunter. “Dad is not racist and not homophobic,” she wrote. “I am a GAY woman and my father never shamed me. He has welcomed all my partners both male and female.”

Then, Lynn called out Bonnie by name, saying that everything she said about Dog the Bounty Hunter has been put in her head by Unleashed. She says they are, “angry they couldn’t ride his coattails any longer,” before saying that Dog wasn’t fired. “They said they fired him to save face and then started grooming two of his daughters as revenge. I believe these people influencing my sister are of a Cult Mentality and my sisters have been indoctrinated,” she claimed of her sisters’ continued partnership with Unleashed. She went on, saying, “They are being used as pawns and disgracing their Mothers [sic] legacy and their father’s reputation at the hands of other people.”

Lynn concluded her post by asking for prayers for her sisters, “to be released from whatever hold these criminals have on them.”