Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Show ‘Dog Unleashed’ Canceled After Alleged Contract Breach: Report

by John Jamison

Fans of Duane “Dog” Chapman will be disappointed to learn that his new show “Dog Unleashed” will likely never see the light of day. A supposed breach of “contractual agreements” is to blame. The show was set to be released on Unleashed Entertainment’s new streaming service.

The rugged bounty hunter, known for his adventures chasing down troubled souls who skipped bail, is once again without a show. In 2019, “Dog’s Most Wanted” saw Duane Chapman hunt down criminals of his choosing but the show wasn’t renewed for a second season.

The idea for “Dog Unleashed” was a departure from the old “Dog the Bounty Hunter” days. This time he would be tracking down actual murderers and rapists. Serious criminals.

The show promised a lot of action. They even released a promo video in September 2020. You can watch below.

Apparently there have been some differences in values between Chapman and the company responsible for the new show’s production.

In a statement provided to PopCulture, Mike Donovan, the CEO of Unleashed Entertainment said, “After a thorough investigation, including the review of hours of audio and video material, we have decided to halt production of ‘Dog Unleashed’ permanently. Mr. Chapman was given an opportunity to take part in the inquiry, but chose to not participate.”

Donovan continued, “Our values drive our programming. We stand for equality and justice, and we will not be associated with projects that are not congruent with these values. Though it saddens us to part ways, we cannot in good conscience continue to work with those who do not share our values.”

Unleashed Entertainment considered some of the “actions taken” by Duane Chapman to be in “breach” of contractual agreements. According to PopCulture, the production company decided not to share any specific details about “Dog” Chapman’s behavior.

Duane Chapman Is No Stranger to Controversy

Chapman ran into some trouble back in 2007 after a taped phone call went public. According to the Chicago Tribune, Chapman used a racist slur while talking to his son. He apologized immediately and seems to have avoided any major public missteps since.

Hopefully the breach of contract responsible for the cancelling of “Dog Unleashed” is nothing too serious. Maybe time will tell.