Dolly Parton Emotionally Tributes Olympia Dukakis After ‘Steel Magnolias’ Star’s Death

by Jon D. B.

Dolly Parton has nothing but glowing praise for her late Steel Magnolias co-star, Olympia Dukakis, after the actor’s passing Saturday at 89.

Citing Olympia Dukakis as “one of my favorite people that I have ever known or worked with,” Dolly Parton is mourning the icon’s death alongside the rest of her friends, family, and fans.

The two starred together in 1989’s lauded classic, Steel Magnolias. Within, Dukakis delivered one of her best performances of a remarkable career with Clairee Belcher.

Of their time together on set and for the rest of Dukakis’ life, Parton says they two “got very close.”

“I was so sorry to hear that Olympia Dukakis had passed away,” PEOPLE cites of Dolly Parton, 75. “She has been one of my favorite people that I have ever known or worked with.”

“I really got very close to her and felt like we were good friends,” Parton continues. “Even though I didn’t get to see her much, I thought of her often and knew that she was such a quality human being. She will be missed by her fans, her family, and those of us that were lucky enough to get to know her personally.”

It is a fitting tribute, as Steel Magnolias famously focuses on a group of remarkable Louisiana women bonding after the death of Julia Roberts’ Shelby Eatenton Latcherie. The film, based on Robert Harling’s 1987 play of the same name, brought forth a platform that saw much of the lead cast bonding for life.

Sally Field Joins Dolly Parton in Mourning Friend Olympia Dukakis

Among this unrivaled cast was, of course, Sally Field. Field, 74, also pays tribute to Dukakis, beginning with the somber “What can I say but I loved her? Everyone loved her.”

“She was a gift… Unique and talented and one of a kind,” Field continues. “Rest in peace, my friend Olympia.”

Before her Steel Magnolias co-star’s tributes, Olympia Dukakis was memorialized by another famous co-star and friend, Cher. The two tackled 1987’s Moonstruck together, for which Dukakis won both an Academy Award and Golden Globe.

“Olympia Dukakis Was an Amazing Academy Award Winning Actress,” the 74-year-old Cher tweeted Saturday. “Olympia Played My Mom In Moonstruck,& Even Though Her Part was That Of a Suffering Wife, We [laughed] ALL The Time. She Would Tell Me How MUCH She Loved Louis, Her Handsome Talented, Husband. I Talked To Her 3 Wks Ago. Rip Dear One,” Cher concluded.

Bringing forth tributes from the likes of Dolly Parton, Sally Field, and Cher, Olympia Dukakis died early Friday, April 30, at 89-years-old. She will be fondly remembered eternally through her remarkable body of work.