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Dollywood Has ‘a Few Surprises Planned’ for 2020 Harvest Celebration

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: George Rose/Getty Images)

Dollywood isn’t letting 2020 slow them down – The famous Smoky Mountain theme park begins their Fall Harvest Celebration this weekend – and Dolly’s got a few surprises up her sleeve.

To kick off fall in the Smokies, Dollywood begins their harvest festival and “Great Pumpkin LumiNights” this Friday, September 25th. The one-of-a-kind celebration of autumn in America runs through Oct. 31.

According to the park website, visitors to the park can expect “thousands of pumpkins and jack-o-lanters”. Alongside them, the unmatched fall colors of the Great Smoky Mountains surrounding the park will be on full display. Special fall-themed dishes and over 800 live concerts, too, are par-for-the-course for the entertainment giant. In fact, USA Today readers voted Dollywood’s extravaganza as the best Halloween theme park event in the US last year. And yes – that’s over Disneyland & Disneyworld, too.

But what’s new in 2020 – and what surprises do Dolly and co. have in store for Harvest visitors?

2020 has been difficult for us all – including theme parks like Dollywood. The park, like all others, has seen crippling losses within a reality where large public gatherings are all but extinct.

This year, however, Dolly’s breaking out the big guns. To brighten the lives of those who make it to the park (and to recoup massive losses) – Dollywood is throwing a fall & Halloween bash the likes of which has never been seen in a theme park.

Dollywood: “Expect colossal prize pumpkins”

Firstly – expect “colossal prize pumpkins” as part of a far-from-traditional pumpkin display. These absolute giants, weighing between 800 and more than 1,500 pounds each, are coming in from famed growers across the East Coast. Indeed, if you love pumpkins (and who doesn’t) – you’re likely to see the largest living pumpkin you’ll ever see in your lifetime at Dollywood this year.

In addition, we can expect glowing displays that include “stacks of jack-o-lanterns cut to look like sunflowers”. But is that big enough? Dolly doesn’t think so. Just in case, she’s throwing in a “40-foot-tall pumpkin tree”, too.

“This year has been challenging for everyone, but we hope the comfort they feel from coming and visiting us gives them that warm, familiar feeling they’ve shared with their friends and loved ones for so many years here at Dollywood,” Parton says of the fun in her press statement on the festivities.

2020 has already been a record-breaking year for Parton, too. She’s topping Christian music charts for the first time in her legendary career with the single “There Was Jesus”.

Dolly isn’t spilling all the beans just yet, however – and promises plenty more “surprises” are in store for 2020 visitors to the Dollywood Harvest this fall.

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