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Dolph Lundgren on Nearly Killing Sylvester Stallone in ‘Rocky IV’ Scene: ‘Glad He Made It’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

In the film “Rocky IV,” the characters played by Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren give one another a beating. They, of course, played boxers Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago in the famous film.

The actors weren’t actually trying to knock one another out while filming the iconic fight scene. However, a punch from Lundgren landed hit Stallone in the chest. It was a very, very hard punch. And it was a punch that just about killed the movie star, according to Fox News.

Stallone talked about the incident in a video they discussed the making of the “Rocky IV” fight scene.

“I didn’t feel it in the moment but, later that night, my heart started to swell, my blood pressure went up to 260 and I was going to be talking to angels. Next thing I know I’m on this emergency, low-altitude flight. I’m in intensive care surrounded by nuns,” the now 75-year-old movie star shared.

Dolph Lundgren, who is now 64 years old, said his co-star was away from filming “Rocky IV” for several days.

“I was 10 years younger and in very good shape those days and we ended up hitting each other quite hard. When we wrapped in Vancouver where we shot the last fight he ended up in the hospital. I think he was off for about two weeks,” Lundgren also said.

The Swedish actor said injuries are not uncommon while filming such scenes. Needless to say, Lundgren was very happy – and relieved – that Stallone survived the ordeal.

“You know, we all end up incurring all these injuries being an action star. I suppose that was one of the more interesting ones he’s been a part of. I’m glad he made it. Good for me,” Dolph Lundgren also said.

Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone Are Friends and They Laugh About the Scary Incident

Turns out, Sylvester Stallone does not hold a grudge against Dolph Lundgren for the punch that sent him to the hospital and almost killed him. In fact, the two actors are friends in real life. And they have worked on several other movies over the years. For example, they worked in “The Expendables” films together.

The scary incident is now a source of laughs for Stallone and Lundgren.

“Ah, we laugh about it. We both got hit in the face in that picture. In those days there were no effects so if you wanted a head shot when the sweat flies out of your hair and blood comes out of your mouth you had to shoot it. You had to do it. So we both had to take those shots but we joke about it sometimes,” Dolph Lundgren also said.

Lundgren also said that he was “impressed” with Sylvester Stallone during the filming of “Rocky IV.”

“I was very impressed with him too because I was 10 years younger and I was a karate champion. I was used to fighting for real, and he kept up, and I remember at the time I was impressed that he was in that good of shape,” Lundgren added.

“Rocky IV” was released in 1985. The original “Rocky” film was released in 1976.