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Dolph Lundgren Opens Up About His Upcoming Action Movie ‘Castle Falls’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Best known for his iconic role in Rocky IV as Ivan Drago, Dolph Lundgren is both an accomplished actor and martial artist. However, his most recent endeavor has him directing and starring in an upcoming action movie, Castle Falls.

Sitting down with Fox News, Lundgren discussed the premise of Castle Falls, as well as several other facets of it. Lundgren told the outlet, “It’s a film that I directed last year. It’s kind of an action thriller so has some fights and action but also it’s about these people they are all kind of after this stash of money. It’s also about what people will do for money, how far they’ll go.”

In the film, Lundgren plays a prison guard starring alongside martial artist Scott Adkins. The two of them and another third party are in search of $3 million in cash stashed in an abandoned building. The catch? The building is slated to be demolished, giving those interested only 90 minutes to find the money.

Fox News also asked Lundgren how he prepared for this movie compared to past films. “As an actor, you know, I prepared the normal way,” he responded. “We were working on backstory of characters, all the relationships, what I’m trying to achieve well, what the stakes are. As a director, I ended up writing biographies for most of the main characters and suggesting the actors to do the same.”

Lundgren has previously said he enjoys coming up with stories for the characters he portrays, so it’s no surprise he’s doing so here. Interestingly, despite some of them being “good” or “bad” guys, he wants to portray them all fairly.

Castle Falls releases this Friday, December 3.

Dolph Lundgren is Happy He Didn’t Accidentally Kill Sylvester Stallone

While Dolph Lundgren’s character, Ivan Drago, killed Apollo Creed in Rocky IV, he almost did the same to Sylvester Stallone. After an intense filming session, Lundgren nearly killed Stallone and he’s happy he didn’t actually do it.

In a separate interview with Fox News to commemorate The Ultimate Director’s Cut of Rocky IV, Lundgren recalled the incident. “I was 10 years younger and in very good shape those days and we ended up hitting each other quite hard. When we wrapped in Vancouver where we shot the last fight he ended up in the hospital. I think he was off for about two weeks.”

Stallone stated he thought he would soon “be talking to angels” after being whisked away to intensive care. The punch to his chest was nearly fatal, but he luckily recovered. “You know, we all end up incurring all these injuries being an action star. I suppose that was one of the more interesting ones he’s been a part of,” Lundgren chuckled. “I’m glad he made it. Good for me.”

“If he dies, he dies,” eh?