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Dolph Lundgren Talks Sharing the Big Screen With His Daughter

by Maria Hartfield
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor/Getty Images

Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren stars and directs a new film, Castle Falls alongside his daughter, Ida Lundgren.

The plot centers around a rival gang who seeks out million of dollars hidden inside Castle Heights Hospital. However, after years of neglect the building is now slated for demolition. Now, multiple parties will have exactly 90 minutes to find the money and get out alive before the building goes down.

Dolph Lundgren takes on the role of director for the film. Additionally, he gets to act alongside his 25-year-old daughter in one scene.

Dolph Lundgren Plays a Prison Guard

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Lundgren opens up about his role as a prison guard on the film as well as the challenges he faced in directing it.

When asked to describe the overall plot of the film, Lundgren hints it “has some fights and action, but also it’s about these people [that] are all kind of after this stash of money.”

“It’s also about what people will do for money, how far they’ll go,” he replies.

Lundgren served as both an actor and director of the film. Both positions require the use of different skill sets.

“They’re different,” he began. “As an actor, it’s more of an emotional exercise. It’s easier in one way because you don’t have as much responsibility. As a director, you’re trying to get your staff on a story and trying to influence the audience and make them feel a certain way. I like both, I mean, even though I’ve done a lot of acting. I’ve only directed so many movies. So I hadn’t directed for 10 years when I did this. I’m kind of into that now. I’ve got another picture I’m trying to put together for early next year. I think I like both. Sometimes it’s nice not to have to worry about post-production and all of that.”

Lundgren Works Alongside His Daughter

In his role as a prison guard who is struggling at home with a daughter who is ill, it’s easy to see some similarities between the film and Lundgren’s journey as a father in real life.

“Of course it’s a worst nightmare as a parent,” says Lundgren. “I have two daughters. Actually, my oldest daughter plays my daughter in the movie. Stakes couldn’t be much higher. If you’re trying to save her life and your insurance can’t pay for it, you find another way to do it. So, it’s not like the character’s hurting anybody but he’s trying to get access to some money that was stolen anyway. There are some bad guys stealing some drug dealers. He’s kind of a bad guy breaking the law. I think in this particular case he doesn’t care. He needs to try to save his daughter. It’s a good motivation for the character, for sure.”

“I think it was mostly professional,” describes Lundgren as he speaks about working with his oldest daughter on set. “She had her own idea. I didn’t mess too much with her preparation because I wanted her to prepare on her own. I think she did a good job. She was in the moment when we shot the scene. It was fun to work with her and I’d like to do it again if I can. It’s a good experience for her and it’s the kind of business we need. Everybody needs help. Nobody’s really made it totally on their own but everybody’s been given a break from somebody else and it’s nice to give it to someone in your family, for sure.”

Catch Castle Falls in theaters and On Demand on December 3.