Donald Trump Slams NBA Protests

by Chris Haney

President Donald Trump addressed the NBA protests on Thursday saying he doesn’t know much about the situation, but that he feels like “people are a little tired of the NBA, frankly.”

Trump continued by saying he thinks the NBA is turning into a “political organization.” The president thinks it’s not good for our country or for the fans.

Previously, Trump stated he wouldn’t pay attention to the restart of the season if players kneeled for the national anthem. When the restart began, the entire league took a knee during the anthem except a few players.

NBA Looking to Move Forward With Playoffs

The NBA season will continue, according to NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski. He said the players have decided to resume the playoffs after they were postponed due to the strikes. The details are still unclear about when the playoffs will continue. Games originally scheduled for Thursday were also postponed.

Supposedly, NBA players and league executives are working on a plan to save the season. The players suggested a list of “actionable items” they want the NBA to support for the games to proceed. Many of the players believe they will lose their biggest platform if they bring the season to an end now.

Many players think there is value in using the NBA platform to speak to the public about social justice issues.

In fact, Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors posted saying, “The notion that athletes should just stop working but no one else in the world should stop is baffling to me. Why stop doing the very thing that offers you the biggest platform to speak for those that look like me/a lot of us?”

“To do that is to actually give up the platform to speak for them,” Green continued. “Because without us using our platforms which is afforded by the influence of the sport, it actually stops us from echoing what those in the back are saying.”

Both sides hope to reach a compromise, with players coming together after a tense meeting Wednesday night. It’s clear the league wants to continue since there’s tons of money at stake. NBA league executives and owners met Thursday to find common ground with the players and proceed with the season.