Donnie Wahlberg’s ‘Blue Bloods’ Co-Star Tom Selleck Calls Him Son: ‘That’s a Big Deal’

by Jennifer Shea

Things are pretty friendly around the set of “Blue Bloods,” with actors Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck palling around and even calling each other “dad” and “son” nowadays.  

In fact, Wahlberg recently revealed that he’s even gotten a few hugs out of Selleck.

“I call him dad now, and he calls me son,” Wahlberg said in a recent interview. “I mean, that’s how we talk to each other off-camera. First he used to kind of grumble at me, like… ‘This music guy’s kind of weird.’ And then now he calls me son. And he’ll come in and give me a big hug. You know, you get a hug out of Tom Selleck, that’s a big deal.”

Watch Wahlberg’s comments on his relationship with Selleck here:

Donnie Wahlberg Inspired Tom Selleck to Pay It Forward

Like father, like son: Turns out both “Blue Bloods” actors like to pay it forward. Inspired by Wahlberg, who left a $2,020 tip on a $78.46 bill at an IHOP in St. Charles, Illinois, Selleck left a $2,020 tip on a $204.68 bill at Elio’s restaurant in New York City.

Selleck apparently dined at the Italian restaurant in November of 2020 and kept his generosity a secret from his “Blue Bloods” costar for weeks, per People. But Wahlberg eventually found out, and he then celebrated Selleck’s gesture on Twitter.

“I found out that my TV Dad #TomSelleck has generously accepted the #2020TipChallenge at Elios Upper East Side! Love ya dad,” Wahlberg tweeted. “I didn’t start it but I’m proud to be part of it. To those who gave even the smallest extra amount this year — THANK YOU.”

Wahlberg Directed Selleck in One Episode of ‘Blue Bloods’

In 2014, Donnie Wahlberg directed an episode of “Blue Bloods” titled “Manhattan Queens.” It was awesome overall, Wahlberg told PopCulture last year, but directing a living legend like Selleck was intimidating.  

“I’m smart enough to know that you don’t really direct Tom,” Wahlberg told PopCulture. “I just came at it from an actor’s point of view and gave Tom the comfort and space to do what he felt comfortable doing and then just sort of adding some little finishing touches from there.”

“Tom’s such a perfectionist,” he added. “He’s so dedicated to his work that you’re not going to come in and tell him these magnificent ideas that you have of how to make his scenes special. He’s already come up with 500 ideas himself a week before you even sit down with him. That’s how devoted he is to his work.”

And from the sound of it, Selleck is devoted to his TV family, too.