Donnie Wahlberg Speaks Out After Flight Grounded Due to Dangerous Weather Conditions

by Jennifer Shea

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg had a chipper message for his fans after his flight was diverted due to inclement weather in New Jersey.

“I had fun,” Wahlberg said in a video he recorded upon arrival. “The lightning was… We’re safe. We had to deviate, but we’re safe.”

“Safe & Sound & On The Ground! #SASAOTG,” Wahlberg later tweeted to his fans. “Had to divert due to the weather in Jersey—but all is well! #thankful as always! Love you guys soooo much! #loveeternal #BHlove.”

Donnie Wahlberg Reviews Season 11 of ‘Blue Bloods’

Season 12 of “Blue Bloods” kicks off on Friday, Oct. 1. In the meantime, its stars have been reflecting on what came before.

In an official “Blue Bloods” video, Wahlberg talked about Season 11 of the show. Specifically, he delved into a scene from the Season 11 premiere in which NYPD partners Danny Reagan (Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) are tracking a serial killer. They get trapped together during the pursuit and wind up having a long heart-to-heart that leads to Baez being included in the Reagan family dinners.

“It may have been a big turning point for their relationship,” Wahlberg said. “They were really in a situation where they were vulnerable and at risk and kind of really let their guards down. In many ways, Baez said a lot of the same things she always says to Danny. But for whatever reason, the vulnerability that they faced in that moment in the basement, I think it finally got through.”

After Danny’s brother Joe (also a police officer) died, Danny really dedicated himself to the job. But his all-in effort got him a reputation as a hothead. And so he’s lost every partner he’s had except Baez.

“He realized how important she was to him on a much deeper level,” Wahlberg added. “Not only did it evolve their relationship, but it allowed me to evolve Danny a lot. I personally, Donnie Wahlberg the actor, made a choice in that moment to really carry that forward throughout the season.”

Watch the video here:

Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy Celebrate Seventh Wedding Anniversary

On their recent seventh wedding anniversary, Wahlberg and McCarthy renewed their vows and shared their love with their followers on social media. Wahlberg surprised McCarthy with the vow renewal ceremony, which was conducted by a friend of his.

“#HappyAnniversary Jenny! Seven years — no itch!” the “Blue Bloods” star posted to Instagram. “I love you more than ever, Mrs Wahlberg. To be blessed with a partner whose goal is to make sure that I love myself more and more each day — is to be truly blessed.”

In an interview with Page Six in 2019, Wahlberg said the best gift he and McCarthy could give each other is a blended family Christmas for their kids after years as single parents. And with the holidays a few months away, Wahlberg and McCarthy will soon get to spend their seventh holiday season together.