‘Don’t’ Game Show Canceled by ABC After 1 Season


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The once-promising new summer game show, “Don’t,” isn’t coming back for another season.

Adam Scott of “Stepbrothers” and “Parks and Rec” fame had a funny take on the hosting role. Combine that with “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds being attached as an executive producer, and it didn’t seem like the show could fail.

It was Adam Scott’s first attempt at hosting a game show, however. And in an interview with Forbes in 2020, the actor talked about the learning curve he faced.

“The moment I stepped on the set, I realized just how difficult the job is,” Scott said. He added that it was “a skill set that I didn’t have.”

The show’s idea was unique, though.

According to IMDb, a family would be assigned a task relating to the “Don’t” theme.

For example, in “Don’t Miss a Beat,” one family member had to perform iconic dances. Then the rest of the family had to call the dance out by name. The family would earn cash prizes for each correct answer.

In “Don’t Leave Me Hanging,” two family members were suspended 30 feet above the stage. The longer they held onto each other, the more money they made.

In “Don’t Lose Your Grip,” for instance, a father and son had to try their hand at winning a game of tug-of-war with a strongman. Watch below.

Interesting stuff, to say the least. The show’s real ace in the hole, however, was Ryan Reynold’s narration. The movie star joked about how crazy the challenges were and poked fun at host Adam Scott as each episode went on.

‘Don’t’ Premiered to Strong Ratings

“Don’t” premiered in the summer of 2020 to pretty good numbers. TVLine reports that the game show drew 4.2 million viewers in its debut, outperforming the likes of “To Tell The Truth.”

Unfortunately, the viewership dropped off quickly. As a result, “Don’t” averaged roughly 3 million viewers per week by the time the season was over. This figure put the show in the last place in its demographic.

It appears the novelty aspect of the show gave it a bit of a boost at the start. The star power alone seemed like enough to keep it going, but it wasn’t meant to be.

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