‘Duck Dynasty’: Bella Robertson Shows Off Her Painting in New Update

by Amy Myers

From reality star to published poet to minimalistic artist, Duck Dynasty star Bella Robertson is a jack of all creative trades. Recently, Robertson has dedicated her spare time to express herself in every way that she knows how and sharing the results with the world. In late September, the reality star announced the arrival of her book of poetry, My Greenhouse. Full of personal experiences and emotions, Robertson deemed her new work a “journal” rather than a “book” because she shared so much of her life in its pages.

Now, Robertson has traded her pen for a brush and paper for a canvas in her latest creative adventure. In an update on Instagram, the Duck Dynasty star teased a photo of one of her latest works. The painting appeared to be of two hands reaching towards each other. Her style was very simplistic, using an online green outline to suggest the shape of the subject. The artist stood in front of her canvas in the photo, wearing a green jumpsuit that matched the color scheme of her painting. Beside her on the stool is a stack of her published “journals.”

The talented Duck Dynasty star paired the piece with an excerpt from one of her poems:

“you sat with me and painted.
i watched as art
made art,
and my heart
was full.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shares Art in ‘New, Creative Way’ with Followers

Previously, Robertson told fans that she would be offering a new way to experience her paintings on Instagram. Excited for her new artistic journey, the Duck Dynasty star wanted her fans to feel what she felt while creating her masterpieces. On Monday, the poet-turned artist shared another photo of herself working on the same minimalistic piece. However, this time, Robertson dipped her brush in a well-worn palette with myriad colors and shades.

“i wanna start sharing my art in a new, creative way that brings me joy !!! So heres a little book marker for the start of some pretty fun stuff ive been working on :-),” Robertson told her followers.

It seems that Robertson will be creating visual representations of some of her poems in the foreseeable future. The multi-talented Duck Dynasty star is creating a new way for fans and followers to interact with her art on both paper and canvas.

Her latest work, in particular, demonstrates the emotion behind her poem in a simplistic yet profound manner. Helping her to share this artistic journey is photographer and videographer, Iza Eberts, who posted a behind-the-scenes compilation of photos and videos in her Instagram story.

See what the creative duo have in store for fans here.