‘Duck Dynasty’: Christian Huff Sends Adorable Message to ‘Incredible Mom’ Sadie Robertson Huff

by Evan Reier

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff may technically be a “mom in waiting,” but she is a mom all the same to husband Christian Huff.

The due date for the Huffs has passed, but while Sadie has expressed her emotions on having to wait, neither are concerned. Instead, the pair have spent Mother’s Day sharing their excitement for Honey James Huff’s arrival and appreciating motherhood.

In a touching message, Christian Huff poured out the love for Sadie Robertson. He says the Duck Dynasty star is already a fantastic mom and that he can’t wait for Honey.

“@legitsadierob thank you for being such an incredible mom to our daughter who we will meet very very soon! Honey is going to be so lucky to have you as her mom and her role model! I can’t wait to see how she grows up to be like you” Huff wrote.

The opening photo is pretty dang adorable too, as Huff holds on to Sadie’s baby bump with a funny face.

However, his comments on his wife wasn’t the only mother he paid tribute to. In fact, he made sure to honor his own mom as well as his mother-in-law, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson.

Christian Huff’s Messages to His Mom, Duck Dynasty Star Korie Robertson

Christian knows the DNA of a good mother’s day post. You start with the mother of your child, make sure to show appreciation for your own mom, and if you’re lucky enough to have a mother-in-law, you do the same.

“@cheri.huff thank you for putting up with me and chance for our whole lives,” Huff wrote. “And doing all that you do for the family. You’re the best, and so thankful for you!”

Finally, Christian turned his attention to Korie Robertson.

“And lastly thank you @bosshogswife for being the best mother in law ever, you make life so much fun! Happy Mother’s Day” Huff wrote to the Duck Dynasty star.