‘Duck Dynasty’: Hilarious New Video Examines Willie Robertson’s ‘Quirks’ While Hunting

by Halle Ames

Buck Commander posts a hilarious new video of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson “quirks” while hunting.

While these are hardly what we consider quirks and more like character traits, Willie Robertson’s hunting buddies don’t hold back their thoughts on the Boss Hog.

What else are friends for if they won’t call you on your crap?

Quirks or Flaws?

After being woken up numerous times to get to hunting, Willie slowly starts his morning. The camera crew begins to question the other men on the hunting trip in Arkansas about Willie’s personality.

“Willie, the original Buck Commander, Boss Hog, and our supreme leader,” states Adam Laroche. “Let’s just say, as our supreme leader, he’s not without his ‘quirks.’”

The video jumps to Tombo Martin and Jason Aldean, who are listing Willie Robertson’s flaws. “Sleeps in,” starts Martin. “That’s like numero uno,” says country music star Jason Aldean. “Hey, don’t crack on sleeping in because I sleep in.”

“Do I want to say anything nice about Willie?” questions Laroche. “No.”

While Laroche may not have anything nice to say, both Martin and Aldean agree that Robertson can cook a good burger. This is the first nice thing the men have said about Willie. All in good fun, though. Right? However, the complimentary streak doesn’t last very long as Laroche starts to comment on Willie Robertson’s weight.

“I don’t know what Willie’s biggest quirk is, but I know what Willie’s biggest problem is,” jokes Laroche, but with a straight face. “That’s the inner tube around his waist.”

Willie Robertson Continues to Take Heat

The men continue to joke about Willie Robertson’s sleeping patterns and hunting abilities. Jason Aldean admits that while the men like to have fun and joke around at all times of the day, they are dead serious when it comes to hunting. Martin disagrees, saying that Willie is very laid back.

“He’s lazy. I’ll give him that,” states Martin.

The video cut to the men, resting comfortably in a massive deer stand that Willie Roberston refers to as “the Taj Mahal in Arkansas.” The room features deer heads, comfortable chairs, and a bed for Willie to sleep in while the other men scout out dinner.

However, despite Willie’s terrible work ethic and lazy attitude, Adam Laroche notes that Willie always manages to shoot more deer than the rest of the group.

So we beg the question? Is our beloved Buck Commander lazy, lucky, or smart? You tell us.