‘Duck Dynasty’: How Phil Robertson Spent His First Father’s Day With Long-Lost Daughter

by Matthew Wilson

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson is a father. Robertson recently spent his very first Father’s Day with his long-lost daughter Phyllis.

Robertson didn’t discover he had another child until recently. The reality star confessed to living a life of drugs and excess during his early marriage. This included cheating on his wife. But Kay eventually forgave Robertson, and he became the Christian he is today.

Having recently met, Robertson is trying to spend time with his daughter. For instance, she recently moved to Louisiana to be closer to him. And the two got to celebrate dad’s day for the first time ever together.

On Instagram, she wrote: “Tony @tonythomasart and I went to church with Dad @officialphilrobertson and Miss Kay @officialmisskayrobertson then went to see my niece get baptized @campchyoca. Dad taught me how to make crawfish au gratin. Delicious and memorable Father’s Day, the first one I’ve ever spent with him.”

Robertson also recently discussed what it was like to meet a kid he never knew that he had. The moment was surreal for the “Duck Dynasty” star.

“I put my hands on her face and I looked into her eyes to see if I could see a little of me in there,” Robertson said. “And I did. And I thought ‘welcome aboard.’ A daughter I didn’t know I had. She was lost, but now she’s found.“

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Discusses Being a Father

Phil Robertson has quite the large family these days. On top of a long-lost daughter, Robertson is father to four sons as well. He has numerous grandchildren and even great-grandchildren as well. On Father’s Day, the “Duck Dynasty” star discussed how he grew as a father.

“As I grew into my role as a father, I wanted to teach my boys about the fruit of a virtuous life. I wanted them to develop good character so they might walk in the blessings of the Almighty. So I did what any other godly river rat with a commercial fishing license might do. I put my boys to work,” Robertson wrote on Instagram.

Robertson wanted to set an example for his children and be better than he was during his early days of marriage. He raised his children to respect their elders, believe in God, and practice hard work. And he’s watched them grow as adults.

“I taught them to work hard and save their money. I taught them to live moral lives. But I taught them to be kind and respectful to others too. I forbade them from sassing Miss Kay, and they wouldn’t have considered sassing me. They were also taught to respect their teachers at school and church. They were warned against lashing out in anger and told that if they came to blows, there’d be swift punishment by the man of the house — me,” he continued.

Now, Robertson is hoping to make up for lost time in regards to his daughter.