‘Duck Dynasty’: Jase and Missy Robertson’s Daughter Undergoing ‘Extensive’ Jaw Surgery Today

by Halle Ames

Today is the big day for Jase and Missy Robertson’s daughter, Mia, who will undergo an “extensive” jaw surgery. 

Jase and Missy Robertson’s youngest child, Mia, will undergo major surgery to help fix a condition she was born with. At 17-years-old Mia Robertson has had to endure countless surgeries to correct the cleft lip and palate she has had since birth. 

In late January, Missy and Mia Robertson posted a series of photos highlighting their medical trip to Dallas. 

When scheduling the surgery that will occur today, The Mia Moo Fund, a foundation in Mia’s honor but is run by Missy Robertson, thanked the doctors who have helped them along the way. 

“Mia saw her surgeon Dr. David Genecov and his staff, and scheduled a major surgery. Dr. David Genecov, nurses Kelly and Jeanette, have been caring for her most of her life. What a blessing to see these familiar faces and hear their sweet greetings and genuine interest in her activities and interests each time we have to make these visits. It has been a comfort to this mom, especially when I know that each visit means more changes, more discomfort, more risk for my child.” 

Missy Robertson Asks for Prayers

In the Instagram post from last night, Missy Robertson briefly goes over the surgery and, most importantly, asks for prayers.

“At 10:30 AM tomorrow, our Mia girl will have the most extensive surgery she’s ever had. Both jaws will be cut and reset in order to improve her overall health and speech. We were told she will be in surgery approximately 5 hours. @realjaseduckman and I are asking for prayers during this time and are already praising our Father for his kindness to us.” 

The worried mother also explains that due to Covid, only one parent had been allowed within the hospital to visit their child. However, the Robertsons must have been doing something right because as of March 15, both parents will be able to enter the hospital. 

Missy Robertson also thanks Duck Dynasty fans for their unwavering support. The heavily faith-based family finished up the post, reminding everyone how “amazing” and “ever-present” God is. 

“Thank YOU for always supporting our family and praying for Mia’s health and success. We are truly blessed by so many who love her. Our God is amazing, ever-present, and is FOR His children! He loves @miarobertson1 even more than we do, and that’s a lot.” 

This will be Mia’s 13th surgery. 

Your friends here at Outsider are keeping you in our thoughts and wishing you a speedy recovery, Mia!