‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Says It’s ‘Gettin’ Real’ with Latest Metal Detecting Haul

by Chris Haney

Over the weekend, Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson was back on the hunt with his trusty metal detector looking for more buried treasure. He may not always find something worth talking about. But this weekend he found a rare coin he shared with his more than 580,000 Instagram followers.

Robertson found a 100-year-old silver coin in the ground this weekend. It seems to be a Walking Liberty half-dollar silver coin minted in 1920. This is an early minted coin for the half dollar series and is more scarce than some of the later editions.

According to CoinStudy.com, the Walking Liberty half dollars were made from 1916 to 1947. Therefore the Duck Dynasty star found a coin from one of the earliest years of production. While it’s not clear where the coin was pressed, the coins minted in San Francisco or Denver in 1920 are highly sought after.

“Values really begin to rise with the mint marked coins,” CoinStudy.com says of the coin. “Those minted in San Francisco and especially the Denver mint coins are highly prized by collectors. Half dollars are collected by date and by the mints that struck them, these two are elusive and eagerly sought.”

That said, the value of a basic 1920 Walking Liberty half-dollar silver coin begins at just over $11. However, according to the coin’s condition and where it’s minted, Jase’s coin could be worth up to $50 to $400. If the coin was uncirculated, it can fetch more than $2,600.

“It’s gettin’ real! @garrett_metaldetectors,” Jase Robertson wrote on Instagram along with two photos of his find.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Shares Relic Hunting Basics

Jase Robertson and the rest of his family are best-known for their duck hunting expertise. But the Duck Dynasty family member has taken up another hobby in the last couple of years. Relic hunting has become Robertson’s go-to hobby to fill the void between duck hunting seasons. In fact, even though he’s fairly new to relic hunting, Robertson says it’s been just as fun as duck hunting.

Back in February, he explained his love for relic hunting and shared tips on how you too can get started. Additionally, Robertson showed off a few full boxes of valuable relics he’s already uncovered during his searches. His relics include antique coins, pendants, and other small jewelry. He has an Indian head penny and numerous silver coins. But his favorite find to date he loves so much he calls it “priceless.”

In the YouTube video, Robertson shows off his silver trime, which is an old three-cent coin. The rare coins were produced from 1851 to 1873. Furthermore, the exact silver trime Robertson discovered on a hunt was minted in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1851, which adds to its scarcity and value.

Even though Robertson’s find may be worth hundreds of dollars, he says he’s not concerned with its value. The Duck Dynasty star said his silver trime is a keeper, regardless of its worth.