‘Duck Dynasty’: Jase Robertson Looks Triumphant in Touching Birthday Post from Wife, Missy

by Quentin Blount

Well, Duck Dynasty fans, if you haven’t taken the time to shout on Jase Robertson on social media, it’s better late than never. Robertson just turned 51 years old on Monday.

If you know and love Duck Dynasty as we do, then you already know all about Jase Robertson. But for those who don’t, he is another member of the iconic Duck Dynasty family. Jase and the rest of the Robertson family rose to national fame on the popular A&E show. It officially premiered back in 2012 and ended in 2018, treating fans to 11 glorious seasons.

In addition, Jase Robertson is also the chief operating officer (COO) of the business Duck Commander. It is both the brand of a duck call and the name of the Robertsons’ company. It’s based in West Monroe, Louisiana, which is also where Jase Robertson lives with his wife, Missy. The happy couple shares four children together in Reed, Cole, Carina, and Mia Robertson. You may also recognize Jase from his regular appearances on the Unashamed podcast with Phil and Al Robertson.

But it was Jase Robertson’s wife, Missy, who took to social media on Monday to wish her hubby a happy birthday. She did so in an Instagram post and included a picture of the Duck Dynasty member out in a field decked out in full camouflage.

“Happy Birthday to this hunk’a-hunk’a burnin’ love! @realjaseduckman” Missy Robertson wrote alongside the photo.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Got Himself an Early Birthday Present

If you could not already tell from Missy Robertson’s most recent Instagram photo of her husband, Jase Robertson is an avid hunter and fisherman. As a matter of fact, the Duck Dynasty star took it upon himself to upgrade his hunting truck just a couple of weeks before his birthday this year.

He posted photos to his own Instagram account of his new and updated truck, which he now calls the “Buck Truck.”

“We’ve come a LONG way since the Model T,” Robertson wrote alongside a photo of him standing outside of his new ride. “Big thanks to @truckhero and @roctrcuk for transforming my truck to THE BUCK TRUCK! You can watch the full build on an all new episode of @officialbuckcommander on YouTube.”

It is probably safe to say that this is the perfect truck for Jase Robertson. Heck, there probably isn’t one Duck Dynasty member who wouldn’t love having a truck like that. Robertson explains in his video that he upgraded his truck to have all the things that a deer hunter could possibly want in his vehicle.

Robertson waited outside of the shop for the reveal and it was as special of a moment as you would imagine.