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Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Speaks Out on Netflix’s Controversial ‘Cuties’ Film

by Outsider
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Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson is quite disgusted with the new controversial Netflix documentary Cuties. The reality TV star and podcast host made his disapproval very clear on a new episode of Unashamed with Phil and Jase Robertson.

“There are some things I don’t want to see or for other people to see,” said Robertson. “Actually getting a 10-year-old girl to strip, or whatever they do, is not an option.” 

Cuties is a 2020 film on Netflix that has drawn a wide amount of controversy. It has brought forth criticism due to the allegations that it sexualizes young girls. The film is the subject of some very heated discussion online. It’s no wonder Jase Robertson ended up weighing in on the issue.

Robertson has gone so far as to cancel his Netflix over the platform’s decision to air Cuties.

“Someone who produces that thought it was a good idea to show little kids in risqué situations,” he said. “By canceling my subscription, I’m sending a message to Netflix: I’m not paying for that. I’m out.” 

Jase doesn’t want to pay to support the service’s decisions. “I’m not gonna pay money for management to make such a terrible decision,” he says.

During the same episode, Phil described why he is uncomfortable watching football these days. He doesn’t want to watch the protests that take place during the sports events. Jase supports them somewhat, though he only really cares about the actual game play.

The entirety of the podcast goes into further detail on why both members of the Robertson family feel the way they do on issues in America today. In addition, Phil Robertson gives tidbits of Bible scripture to support his arguments and add his faith into the hour-long podcast.