‘Duck Dynasty’: Jase Robertson Posts Photo of Duck Hunting Success, Reveals Plans for Huge Haul

by Matthew Wilson

“Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson ends duck hunting season in style. The hunter and TV personality showed off his massive haul on Instagram.

But Robertson is out there hunting with a purpose. While the ducks may not like him, the “Duck Dynasty” star revealed his charitable nature. Robertson said he plans to donate most of his haul to the local community to feed families who might not have food.

One of his missions in life is to give back to his local community, putting his hunting skills to good use. After-all, there was a reason the Robertson clan had a TV show about them.

On Instagram, Robertson wrote: “Folks ask me often what we do with all those ducks. We eat quite a few ourselves, but we give even more away to people in our community so they can feed their families. Duck season 20-21 may be over, but the joy of giving never ends. Love your neighbors, folks. The world would be a better place if we all did.”

Jase Robertson’s Secret Duck Spot

Robertson didn’t reveal where he went hunting this time. But perhaps he went to his secret duck hole. Previously, Robertson treated viewers to one of the family’s secret locations. And let’s just say it is duck hunting paradise. During the video, Robertson and fellow hunters nabbed a good number of waterfowl.

“There’s no wind,” Robertson previously said. “All the ducks left the day before the season started. There’s one little place. This is the secret hole. You’ve never seen this filmed. This is what we called, ‘The Secret Hole.’ We kept it secret for years.”

Duck Hunting Advice

While it may be too late to take Robertson’s advice to heart, the duck hunter revealed some tips for next time you’re out on the waterway. To maximize his haul on a hunt, Robertson uses what he calls a cane trick.

“Cane is … most of them are 20 feet tall. Think bamboo. They’re always green. No matter what, unless they die; then they’re brown,” Robertson previously said. “They make really good brush and they’re easily transported because you can bundle ’em up. I mean I’ve had enough, to make I don’t know, to make a 50-foot circle. And, if you bundle them up, you can just throw them in the back of your truck; they’re pretty light.”

Robertson crafts an island around the birds using the cane. In the past, it’s proved successful and just one of the many hunting tips that Robertson uses while outdoors.