‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson ‘Relished’ in Beauty of Colorado in Vacation Photo

by Jon D. B.

See the shot that has Duck Dynasty vet Jase Robertson relishing “in the beauty of Creation” after a gorgeous weekend in the Colorado mountains.

“Design demands a Designer,” Robertson posts to his official Instagram Monday. Within, he’s letting followers know that the Duck Dynasty family “relished in the beauty of Creation this past weekend in the mountains of Colorado. Wow, God is amazing!”

Check out the stunning photo for yourself below; a sight for sore eyes for any Outsider:

“We’re so happy to have you visit our home state Beautiful Colorado!” replies one fan.

Others are quick to echo Jase’s sentiments, with responses like “You can’t go to Colorado and not know there is a God… The Creator of all that beauty!” and “This picture really puts in to perspective how big our God is 💕.”

Duck Dynasty follower Sheri adds to this with: “Agreed. I feel all atheists should stay a few days in Colorado.🙌 There is no other explanation, God is the designer❤️.”

‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson

A week prior to their Colorado adventure, Jase posted another gorgeous glimpse of nature far to the south on the Alabama coast. From Gulf Shores, the Duck Dynasty and Unashamed star says:

Sometimes the treasure is above instead of below.

“The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”
Psalm 19:1″

Jase Robertson

For this fellow Outsider, seeing these two shots one after the other shows just how incredibly varied the lands of North America are:

And when he’s not traveling with family, Jase Robertson is metal detecting. Following his official Instagram offers frequent glimpses into the treasures he finds. Much of his most notable discoveries come from the Civil War era, with the Duck Dynasty vet pulling everything from musket bullets and belt buckles to 150-year-old glass bottles out of the ground.

“It’s been an educating month!” reads one of his latest metal detecting captions. Within, we see much of the above strewn about. In a more recent post, Jase talks about “That time a modern coin led to a 150-year-old trash pit.” Because of this discovery, he now has an entire large bookcase lined with historical glass bottles.

“Big cities, hospital rooms, traffic, fast foods. Not my thing. A few hours in the great outdoors provides the perfect setting for reflection and time with the Creator. We all have so much to be thankful for!” he captions another metal detecting post.

Keep up the hunt, Jase! Duck Dynasty fans are all for it. And like the rest of us Outsiders, never let up on those great outdoors. It’s where we’re meant to be!