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‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Speaks Out on Time His House Was ‘Burglarized’

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Jase Robertson spoke out about the time his house was robbed. Something the burglar did really got him mad… and it wasn’t the stealing part, either. He brought up the theft during the podcast he shares with fellow Duck Dynasty stars (and family members) Phil and Al Robertson.

The only time that Jase Robertson’s house had ever been robbed was on Christmas Eve. Yep, while he was out seeing family, someone had broken in. During the podcast, which is called Unashamed, he talked about how the first thing he saw ended up being what upset him the most.

Jase walked up to his front door and it was just gone. The burglar had taken the door right off and had left it laying on the floor. Once they had gotten inside, they stole some Christmas presents, a game console, and then they left.

Of course, Jase Robertson was mad about someone breaking into his house and stealing Christmas presents. Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil interjects with, “What kind of mind breaks in your house and steals Christmas gifts?” However, the door is what made Jase really mad.

According to the reality star, he had left the door unlocked anyway. The burglar didn’t even need to kick down the door, but they did it. “They could have just opened it,” Robertson half-laughed. It ended up being the biggest source of damage from the whole burglary.

Fans React to Jase Robertson’s Burglary Story

Getting your house burglarized is a serious deal. This is one of those things that is definitely not funny, at all, but the way it’s told makes you want to laugh a little bit. During Jase Robertson‘s story, everyone let out a couple of scoffs and near laughs. Only because it’s absurd to think about – a burglary happens, and can you believe that the door was already unlocked, but they kicked it in without even trying it first?

Some fans weren’t afraid to be a little bold and share their reactions in the comments. “Laughing but Not laughing,” one fan said. Another replied to that comment, saying “I totally get that.” Of course, other comments were understandably concerned for the Duck Dynasty star. “I hope they catch who broke your door and stole from you,” one worried fan said. During the clip, Robertson didn’t actually mention if they ever caught who did it, but that didn’t seem like it was the point of his story anyway.