‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Posts Adorable ‘Sweetness’ Video of Newborn Grandchildren Together

by Evan Reier

Get ready to smile. Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson is bringing grins and laughter to her timeline with new videos of her grandbabies!

The arrival of Honey James Huff has been a blessing for the Robertson family, and they can’t help but gush over it. Sadie Robertson Huff and Christian Huff have been anticipating her birth on Instagram for the past 9 months, and she is finally here.

So, of course, she’s got to meet the family. And as big as the Duck Dynasty clan is, she’s got a lot of folks to get acquainted with.

The latest to meet the cute bundle of joy is her cousins. In an Instagram post shared by Korie Robertson, her and cousin Ella, the daughter of John Luke Robertson, get up close and personal with John Shepherd Robertson, the brother of Ella.

“Sweetness for your Saturday,” Korie Robertson writes. “John Shepherd and Zane don’t know what just hit them.”

Based on the little tikes reaction to getting his sister and cousin by his side, there’s no doubt about that. All in all, it makes for an unbelievably adorable video that we can only thank the Duck Dynasty star for sharing.

Duck Dynasty Star Korie Robertson Points Out Honey’s Dimples

As to be expected of any social media-friendly grandmother, Korie can’t stop gushing about her newest family member. The arrival of a grandchild is a joy that can’t be described or contained.

One of the Duck Dynasty star’s best photos so far features the little one’s dimples. And, as Robertson points out, she has the trademark feature of the Robertson family.

While a long, flowing beard may be the trademark that comes to mind, Honey is going to have a hard time growing one of those. What she already has at just a few days old is her mom and family’s dimples.

“Robertson dimples live on,” Robertson captioned. “Looking like her daddy, marked by her mamas dimples and killing us with her cuteness daily!”

Sadie pointing out the dimples just makes for an even cuter photo, especially considering Honey seems to be putting them on show with the face she’s making.