‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Praises Daughter Rebecca for ‘Speaking Out’ in New Post

by Evan Reier
(Photo by Michael Stewart/WireImage

Is there anything more wholesome than genuine love and support between family members? For Duck Dynasty stars, the Robertsons, they are fortunate to have it in spades.

It seems like the entire family is always busy with something, whether that’s philanthropy, teaching or new business ventures. Some may assume that because Duck Dynasty ended its run that the family is taking it easy, but that’s not really the case.

So when the heinous murders of eight people in Atlanta happened on Tuesday, March 16, Rebecca Robertson didn’t stay quiet. Of the eight people shot and killed, the majority were Asian women.

For those unaware, Robertson is the foster daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson. After being hosted by the pair while an exchange student from Taiwan, she eventually returned back to Louisiana where she resides to this day.

Duck Dynasty Star Korie Robertson Highlights Rebecca’s Words

After Rebecca spoke out on the issue, Korie highlighted her daughter’s words and actions on Instagram.

“I LOVE having an Asian daughter and grandson!” Korie Robertson begans. “I have seen @rebeccalorobertson hold her head up high when people say insensitive, even racist things. She gives grace for ignorant comments. We live in the real world with people who sometimes ‘don’t know any better’ But here’s the thing, it’s not okay. It hurts and the seed of those insensitive, rude, ignorant comments sadly are planted in hateful hearts and then become violent, cruel acts.”

She continues by explaining the conversation the Duck Dynasty family has had with Rebecca.

“I am so proud of her for speaking up about the rise of these hateful acts against Asian people. She was explaining to us recently how even though we see the statistics, the videos of Asian people being pushed to the ground, or worse, the older Asian generation don’t like to talk about racism against them. It’s embarrassing, they just want to move on and live their lives.

“But sometime the only way to the other side of something is through. We have to talk about it and root it out wherever we find it. We can’t stop everyone intent on doing evil. What we can change is what’s in our own hearts, what comes out of our mouths and what we accept from those around us. Talk about this among your family. When you see racism, unkind comments in any form speak out.”

Korie concludes by restating her faith and how that is help guiding her and the Robertson family in moments like these.

“We are ALL created in the image of God. ALL his children, ALL a part of the human race. ALL loved equally by God and called to LOVE ONE ANOTHER without condition. #stopasianhate”

To see Rebecca Robertson’s posts on the matter, head to her Instagram page here.