Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Declares ‘Life With You Is Never Boring’ in Sweet Selfie with Willie

by Chris Haney

Late Thursday night, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson shared a candid selfie with her husband, Willie Robertson. In addition, Korie joked that her life is never boring around her humorous other half.

The two reality television stars’ relationship dates back decades. In fact, their love story began in grade school as high school sweethearts. However, they’ve known each other since their elementary school years, and have been inseparable ever since. The happy couple have been married for 29 years, and share six children together – three biological, three adopted.

Yet it’s no surprise that Willie keeps Korie on her toes. His comedic side is obvious after watching just one episode of Duck Dynasty, or when taking a look at his social media pages. As they say, marry someone who makes you laugh. The Robertsons definitely have that covered.

“Life with you is never boring 🥰🤣,” Korie wrote on Instagram.

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Hilariously ‘Shows Off Man Cave’

If you needed further proof of Willie Robertson’s sense of humor, look no further than his own post last night. While his wife, Korie, was posting about their relationship, Willie was posting an amusing look into his man cave.

Robertson gave his Instagram followers a tour of sorts of his beloved man cave. As soon as the short video begins, the Duck Dynasty star is already joking around. Robertson claims he can’t stand social media before his assistant, Johnny D, hilariously corrects him.

“You just posted [on Facebook],” Johnny D says with a laugh. “You love Facebook, you have 2.7 million followers. How can you say you’re not on it?”

“Alright, so I am on Facebook,” Robertson begrudgingly admits.

The Buck Commander star presses forward to show his fans some of his man cave treasures. Robertson shows off a really heavy hammer and a small, wooden model car he purchased in Cuba. Next, he busts out what seems to be a scimitar even though he has no clue where he got the sword.

“This is cool. I have no idea where I got this from,” Robertson says as he amusingly attempts to unsheathe the sword. “Johnny D, come receive your vasectomy!”

“I already got my vasectomy,” Johnny D responds.

After Robertson and his assistant finish goofing off, Willie says they’re getting back to work. Why does it feel like they aren’t going to get much done? Robertson may not have given much of a tour of his man cave, but it sounds like they’re planning to show off more of it sometime soon.