‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Drops ‘Photo Dump’ of ‘Little Cuties’

by Quentin Blount

There are a lot of tight-knit families out there but perhaps none more so than Korie Robertson and her Duck Dynasty family.

If you are a Duck Dynasty fan, then you know all about Korie Robertson. She is the daughter-in-law of Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander. Her husband is none other than Willie Robertson. Together, the happy couple shares six children: John Luke, Sadie, Will, Bella, Rowdy, and Rebecca.

However, Korie Robertson is also a grandmother of four. And she recently announced that her fifth grandchild is on the way. She may be relatively new to being a grandma but Robertson is learning the ropes pretty dang quickly. On Friday, she took to her official Instagram account to post a photo dump of a couple of her grandbabies. She told her followers — which she has more than two million of — that her son, John Luke, and his wife Mary Kate, along with their two kiddos, have been staying back at home while their own house undergoes a remodel.

“Happy Friday photo dump,” Robertson posted on Instagram. “These little cuties are living with us right now (along with their awesome parents, of course) while they remodel their house.”

And in typical grandma fashion, Korie Robertson said that she isn’t upset one bit about it. That just means she gets to spend more time with her beloved grandkids.

“They just ordered windows and were told it will take 15 weeks for them to come in,” Robertson continued. “I’m not at all mad about it 😜”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Comment on Korie Robertson’s Photo Dump

It looks like Korie Robertson isn’t the only one enjoying this newfound time together with her family. Mary Kate Robertson seems she is soaking up every second of this time with her in-laws. She stopped by the comments section of Korie’s post to explain as much.

“So thankful for this time!!! 💗” Mary Kate said.

By this point, we know that the entire Duck Dynasty family is as tight as it gets. Family comes first to them and it always has. As for fans of the popular reality TV show, they just love to see Korie Robertson happy and at home with her family.

“Korie @bosshogswife you’re the sweetest grandma 😍” one fan commented.

Meanwhile, another follower chimed in with their own experience having gone through a similar situation themselves.

“Love this! We had our daughter and son-in-law and their sweet little staying with us for almost nine months while they were in transition from a townhouse to home, and we loved having them.”

And finally, one fan couldn’t help but notice the picture of Willie Robertson playing with one of his grandkids out by the kiddie pool.

“How sweet. Willie’s smile says it all. I love seeing grandfathers with their grandbabies.”

They’re not the only one. Keep reading here on Outsider for all of the latest Duck Dynasty family news and updates.