‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Encourages Fans To ‘Live Monday’ Like They’re on a Dance Floor

by Amy Myers

Let’s face it – no one looks forward to Mondays, but Duck Dynasty stars Korie and Willie Robertson have found their own trick that helps them look forward to the start of the workweek.

Lately, the Robertsons have attended quite a few weddings. Whether small ceremonies or huge receptions, the Duck Dynasty stars have been more than happy to help their friends and family members celebrate the milestone in their lives. Of course, with almost every wedding comes lots of dancing and even more pictures. That’s how Korie found a photo of herself with her husband, daughter Sadie and son-in-law Christian on the dance floor. The four of them looked to be having the time of their lives. When she passed along the image to her husband, he responded with a profound idea.

Here’s what happened.

“I sent this pic to @realwilliebosshog that someone snapped of us, @legitsadierob and @christian_huff on a dance floor at a friends wedding,” the Duck Dynasty star shared with her Instagram followers, “and Willies response was ‘I’m gonna try and live today like that picture!!’ I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I’m here for it, ha!! Let’s live this Monday like we’re soaking up all of the joy that a dance floor brings!”

Based on their insane dance moves and joyful faces, Willie’s intention is likely to live life with passion and not to be afraid to have fun – no matter who’s watching. Though the Duck Dynasty family certainly won’t be winning any dance contests, their perspective on life is one we could all learn from.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shares Insight on Sending Kids to College

Previously, Korie Robertson also shared a critical lesson for parents who are sending their kids to college. While visiting Liberty University, the Duck Dynasty star reflected on her own journey when her children left for school.

“Leaving @libertyuniversity [has] always encouraged and inspired from my time here!” Korie wrote in a recent Instagram post. “I got to speak to prospective Liberty parents and I loved it! So much excitement in these years, and I get it, also a little bit of worry that you’re helping your child make the right decision.”

She also gave some religious advice to these prospective parents: “God is with you where ever you go. So no stress that you’re going to miss their calling or purpose in life if you choose one place over another. Wherever you go, He is with you!”

She continued, quoting scripture, “’And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds’ so if you’re looking for a college experience that does this, you should look right”