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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Posts Gorgeous Photos of Ski Trip, Comments on Family Bonding

by Quentin Blount
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

By the sounds of it, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson has been loving every second of her family’s latest ski trip.

The reality star has opened up about her love for skiing in multiple social media posts in the past. So it was really no surprise when she posted her newest set of beautiful photos for her fans and followers to see.

“Okay one more ski post,” Robertson begins her post. “We’re back home now but have to share because this is one of my favorite things in life that I never saw coming.”

The popular Duck Dynasty mom said that she has grown up skiing ever since she was the age of five. After being introduced to the sport by her grandparents, Korie Robertson says she has enjoyed it ever since. As a result, she has introduced skiing to her own kids and taken her family on annual trips to the mountains.

So what exactly is that the star actress never saw coming? Well, Robertson says that she never quite envisioned having the same amount of fun today that she did back when she was a kid.

“I always felt so cool as a kid skiing with all of my older boy cousins,” she continues her post. “Never would have dreamed that one day I’d be skiing with my son-in-laws and feeling just as cool, ha! Only difference is, now I’m smart enough to not follow them through the trees (most of the time 😅) Loved it @christian_huff @jacobdmayo and @johnreedloflin so much fun!”

Korie Robertson concludes her post by asking her fans to comment similar moments in their own lives.

“What is something fun in your life that you never saw coming?? Would love to hear!”

Korie Robertson Shares Scary Moment from Ski Trip as a Kid

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson has long been vocal about her love of skiing. This comes despite a scary moment she went through at just nine years old.

The mother of five says that she and one of her friends got stuck at the bottom of a mountain after the ski lifts had shut off for the night. And although they were afraid, it was their perseverance that helped them make it back to the top.

“Thinking about some of my favorite memories skiing, it’s the times of adversity that I remember most. …We can spend our whole life trying to stay comfortable,” Robertson shared. “But it’s the hard times that we tell the stories about, that shape us and help us grow!”

Thinking about the moment now makes it even more stressful when you consider that no one had cell phones then. The two girls did eventually make it back to the top of the mountain. And when they did, their fathers were there waiting for them just as worried.

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