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Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Records ‘Marriage Blessing’ for Valentine’s Day 2021

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Duck Dynasty mom Korie Robertson took to social media on Saturday evening to share with her fans that she recently got to record a marriage blessing prior to Valentine’s Day.

Robertson, one of the many stars of the popular show, recently collaborated with the Glorify daily worship app. The free app specializes in putting together quick worship routines that are available to everyone.

They work to reimagine how its users can connect with God through technology. In addition to Korie, other Robertson family members use the app and have given it shout outs on social media. Korie, along with her daughter, Sadie, and son-in-law, Christian, are listed as founding partners.

Nonetheless, Robertson records a prayer for a successful marriage. During which, she talks about what it takes for a marriage to succeed, and how important love is within the relationship.

“I got to record a marriage blessing for Valentine’s Day on @glorifyappofficial,” Robertson wrote in her Instagram post on Saturday. “I know you aren’t actually going out for Valentines this year, it’s freezing, we’re in a pandemic, and nothings open, 🥶🤷🏼‍♀️. Soooo, do something simple, cook together, play scrabble, turn up the music, dance in the living room, and don’t forget to hold hands with your hubby and ask for God’s blessings over your marriage!! link in my bio ❤️”

Korie Robertson Marriage Prayer

Korie Robertson encourages her followers to use the Glorify app and share her recent marriage prayer with their partners. She says that a successful marriage will be focused on both love and God.

“Hi there, I’m Korie Robertson. And today, I want to pray over your marriage,” the Duck Dynasty star begins. “Lord, I thank you for marriage. It is something that you have created as a holy relationship. It is a reflection of your relationship with us.”

On one accord, Robertson asks God to let his peace rule in the hearts, marriages, and homes of listeners. She also asks that they grow into everything God has created them to be.

“Let this marriage be a testament to who you are,” she continues. “May their love for each other be an example to others of your love — a love that is selfless, humble, and kind. A love that is displayed in unity. May your peace rule in their hearts, in their marriage, and in their home.”

Robertson finishes her prayer by asking that her listeners always recognize their partners as a God-given blessing.

“Bless their marriage, God, with peace, and happiness. And may their union be fruitful for your glory and their joy,” she concludes. “God bless you and keep you. Amen.”

You can listen to the entire marriage prayer from Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson here.