Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Posts Sweet Photo with Grand Baby with Heartwarming Caption

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday morning, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson shared an adorable photo with her grandchild along with a heartwarming message for her Instagram followers.

Leading up to Easter weekend, Robertson has been working with the Glorify App, which she is part owner of. The app for your smartphone leads you in daily worship with curated Bible readings and guided meditation.

For Easter, the reality TV star lended her voice to a reading on the app. She said there’s many great pieces in the series she contributed to, and suggested that her followers “take a look.” In addition, Robertson shared some recent thoughts along with a bible verse.

The Duck Dynasty star shared Matthew 4:11 where “angels came and attended [to Jesus].” Robertson talks about how busy she’s been recently, and revealed that at times she’s struggled to deal with it all. However, she’s leaned on her faith during those tough times.

“Lately I’ve felt like I’m running 100 miles an hour. We have a lot going on behind the scenes. Most of it is really good things, but it’s a lot. And to be honest, I’ve felt the strain of it,” Robertson posted on Instagram.

“And then I walk out to the garden with my grand baby. The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom, and there is the reminder: We serve a God who is with us in the trials and offers us a place to rest. He is a good father to his son, Jesus, and is a good father to me and to you!” she added.

Duck Dynasty Star Opens Up About Love For Skiing

Earlier this month, Korie Robertson hit the ski slopes with her family during a snow-filled vacation. With her feeling the stressors of life recently, she may want to consider heading back to the closest ski resort for another breather.

The Duck Dynasty mom – and grandmom – shared multiple posts on Instagram about her family’s getaway a couple weeks ago. She also revealed her love for skiing and how much it has meant to her since she was a kid.

Robertson said she’s grown up skiing since the age of five. Her grandparents introduced her to the outdoor sport at a young age and she’s enjoyed it ever since. She even went on annual ski trips that her mother organized with other families from their church.

“The mountains to me felt like a giant playground to explore!” Korie Robertson explained. “I’ll never forget getting to use poles for the first time, it was a rite of passage!”

In addition to her thoughtful post sharing her love for skiing, Korie Robertson also thanked her husband, Willie. According to Willie’s better half, he’s not exactly the biggest fan of skiing. However, the Buck Commander star does at least have an excuse as to why he’s not a fan of hitting the slopes. Willie had two knee surgeries that don’t exactly make skiing a pleasurable experience.

“Can you tell that I’m smiling under the mask 😁. (Willie Robertson) has had 2 knee surgeries so he’s not the biggest fan of skiing but he humored me and joined me on the mountain for a bit, and I love him for it! I’m not sure he’s smiling under there though, ha!” Robertson posted.