‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Praises Message in Daughter Sadie’s New Book

by Hannah Heser

Former Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson celebrates her daughter, Sadie, in a heartfelt message for her new book.

Robertson shared a photo with her husband Willie and daughter Sadie at an exclusive release party. She added a video of Sadie making an appearance on the Target big screens. Now, people are able to listen to Sadie’s words of advice while shopping.

Robertson is a proud mother to all of her kids. We often see her encouraging them in their endeavors every step of the way. Today, she’s celebrating the release of Sadie’s new book and her willingness to help people walk with God.

Korie Robertson Continues to Celebrate Sadie Robertson’s New Book

Korie and Willie Robertson have five children and four grandchildren. And the Robertson family is only going to grow.

In the caption of her post, the star posted three things she’s proud of. The first one reads: “1- We had a party last week to celebrate @legitsadierob’s new book “Who are you following” @realwilliebosshog was in charge of the food. I was in charge of the fun.”

Next, Robertson wrote how wonderful Target is for playing Sadie’s story throughout their stores.

“2- I have to show you what’s in @target stores right now!! Listen to those words Sadie is speaking over shoppers… Calling us to live with purpose, to stop comparing ourselves to others, to stop trying to be liked enough, and to stop seeking joy in all the wrong places. Wow! Shining bright, girl!!”

Afterward, she takes time to thank Target, the videographer, and most importantly, the readers. The book wouldn’t be where it is today without any of them.

“Thank you @target for supporting this book (btw they are carrying @bellarobmayo book “my greenhouse” too! So you can pick up both #proudmom :),” Robertson added. “Thank you to all who have bought the books already! And thank you @lianaa_kindred for filming and posting this! I haven’t seen it yet in person, but running to our @target tomorrow to check!”

Sadie Robertson’s Who Are You Following Book Has Inspired Many People

Throughout the comments, Korie Robertson received praises from fans who are also congratulating her daughter. One user, for example, mentioned how thankful she is for Sadie’s courageous act to speak to others about faith.

“As a mom, I am so thankful for your daughters and their callings,” the user said. “For their willingness to listen and follow God. They are incredible role models for my teen daughter. In a time when it is nearly impossible to get away from social media, I am so appreciative of their posts/podcasts regarding all things positive, Godly, loving, and modest.”

If you haven’t read Who Are You Following? yet, it’s currently available for purchase.