‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Reflects on the ‘Feelings of Helplessness’ Among the Innocent in Ukraine

by Hannah Heser

In the wake of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, many folks are voicing their concerns about it. One of those people is the former Duck Dynasty star, Korie Robertson. In a recent Instagram post, Robertson reflected on the “feelings of helplessness” among the devastation in Ukraine.

On February 25, Robertson shared a photo that shows the aftermath of the attack. And it looks like two parents are holding on to their child while fearing for their lives. Judging by the post, it’s hard to imagine the terror that those people are currently going through.

“I always think about the mamas,” Robertson wrote in her caption. “I can’t imagine the fear they must be feeling, the multitude of decisions they are having to try make, the feelings of helplessness. You can see it all in this mama’s eyes. I pray that they are in the safest place possible, that they will have everything the need, and that they are given an unimaginable, supernatural peace. Pray for Ukraine tonight and hug your babies tight.”

Several People Took Time to Comment Their Thoughts on the Post

In regards to the attack, several people responded to Korie Robertson’s post. Danielle Busby shared her deepest concerns for the people in Ukraine. She wrote, “Amen! Praying big for these mamas. I could not imagine. Lord please provide a protective bubble around these innocent mamas and their families.”

Shortly after, fans began flooding the comments with worried replies. One fan, for example, wrote, “I was thinking about that today as I was laying my little one down for his nap. I can’t imagine that kind of fear and helplessness. Praying for them.”

Overall, this is a scary time for our world right now. So Outsiders, keep Ukraine and other nearby countries in your prayers as this devastating time continues.

Korie Robertson Shares Appreciation For Her Husband

Previously, Korie Robertson appreciated her husband a little more than usual via social media. And judging by the post, there’s not a day that goes by where they aren’t happy together.

Robertson shared the photos on Instagram along with a sweet caption. Further, two of the pictures include both of them together while the other two are individual portraits. And they look absolutely stunning in all of them.

In the post’s caption, Robertson wrote, “Had some new pictures taken and fell in love with my man all over again. Once we have kids and grands it’s easy to just take pictures of them, right?! This is a reminder Mom’s and Dad’s, don’t forget to still take pictures together too! I love all of the images I have of my parents and grandparents through the years. Documenting your life through pictures and stories is a gift you can give your kids and grands! Thank you @meshali for this gift.”

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