‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Reveals Justin Timberlake Gave Willie His Grandfather Nickname ‘Dubs’

by John Jamison

Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband Christian are expecting a little one soon, meaning “Duck Dynasty” couple Korie and Willie Robertson just earned some grandparent nicknames.

Now every family has its own nickname for the grandparents. Names like Nana and Papa or Mimi and Pop-pop are pretty common. The Robertsons, though? They’ll be going by going by K-Mama and Dubs. But even more interesting than Willie’s nickname is how he got it.

In an interview the Robertson family did with People, the “Duck Dynasty” stars talk about how Willie’s nickname came to be.

“So I’m K-Mama,” Korie said. “Justin Timberlake started calling you ‘Dubs’ at a golf tournament. That’s what he called you, ‘Dubs.’ So that’s kind of where it came from,” she added.

Willie said, “And I feel like Justin’s kind of like my grandson.”

Given the relationship there, it’s only fitting that Justin Timberlake would give a title like this to Willie.

And that’ll be a fun story for the grandchildren someday. Learning that they only call their grandfather “Dubs” because superstar Justin Timberlake called him that at a golf tournament.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Invites People In

The Robertson family is no stranger to the spotlight. The “Duck Dynasty” stars have a platform on which they can make their voices heard. But recently, they’ve been interested in hearing the voices of others.

In their interview with People, they talk about their new series “At Home With The Robertsons” which just premiered on Facebook Watch.

“The whole premise is we’re inviting people in who might not be the same as us, might not think the same as us, but having a good genuine conversation and having fun with each other,” said Sadie.

“We’re talking, we invite people into our homes. But then we go outside and we just keep moving. So we usually end up in the woods, or on the water, or doing something fun, and the talk just keeps going,” added Willie.

Woods, water, fun? You’re speaking our language, Willie.

“Every single time we find that really we’re more alike than we are different, and I think that’s kind of a message that the world needs right now. Whenever you sit down with people and you really kind of get to know them and get to know their heart, it changes everything,” finished Korie.

It’s a powerful message. It can be easy sometimes to lose track of the things that bring us together.

But message aside, spending a day with the Robertson’s in Louisiana? That just sounds like good old-fashioned fun.