‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Says She Broke Down in Tears Watching Granddaughter Honey’s Dedication

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson witnessed her fourth grandchild’s official dedication at their church yesterday. And watching her daughter and son-in-law pledge to raise their child in Christ’s name brought tears to her eyes.

The Duck Dynasty Robertsons are devout Christians. And Sadie Robertson Huff has made it clear that her relationship with God comes before her celebrity status

Recently, Sadie shared that she once struggled to find a balance between her religion and career. And she didn’t think she could be both a Christan and a star. So she almost walked away from the spotlight to continue her work in the ministry.

But after asking God for guidance, she realized that her career and faith could go “hand in hand.” And she decided to use her platform “to love God and to love people.” And she’s continuing to honor her promise as a new mother. Yesterday, Sadie and her husband participated in their church’s baby dedication ceremony.

And today, Honey’s proud grandmother, Korie Robertson, shared a few precious pics of Honey’s big day. And she posted the pics alongside a sweet tribute to Sadie and Christian’s commitment to God.

“Yesterday was baby dedication day at our church,” she wrote. “And of course, I cried as @legitsadierob and @christian_huff stood on the stage with all of the other parents with babies in their arms and promised to show her what it looks like to follow Christ, to teach her the word of God, and to make sure she always knows just how much Jesus loves her. The whole church promised to help them along the way, and they will, we will!! It was the sweetest moment. Honey girl, we promise! You are blessed and oh so loved!”

‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Pens Touching Words to Daughter Honey

Yesterday, Sadie Robertson Huff’s daughter Honey took part in her church’s baby dedication ceremony. And Sadie was a proud mama.

Sadie took to social media to commemorate the milestone with pictures of the event and a special tribute to her daughter as she follows the Robertson’s Christian lifestyle.

In the post, Sadie first thanked her church family for supporting her and her husband as they raise a “little world changer.”

Then, she turned her attention on Honey. In a short note, Sadie wrote about the amazing life that Honey will live thanks to her relationship with God.

“Honey James you are going to do great things because you have a GREAT God who will not only always be with you, but He will even be within you,” she penned. “Your light will be able to shine in the darkest places. I can’t wait to learn from your child like faith and teach you all that I have learned about the goodness of God. Your dad and I pray for you daily and can’t wait to see the fruit of those prayers unfold in your life.”