‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Shares First Photos of New Granddaughter Ella

by Chris Haney

On Monday night, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson shared the first pictures of her newest granddaughter with her more than two million Instagram followers.

Robertson’s son, John Luke, and his wife, Mary Kate, welcomed their second child to the world this past Thursday. On April 8, Mary Kate gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Ella Kathryn Robertson. This evening, Ella’s grandmother gushed over the newest member of the Robertson family.

In a series of four intimate pictures, the Duck Dynasty mom shows off Ella and the happy parents. The first picture captures little Ella wearing a white knit sweater adorned with her name in pink and a bow on her head. Next, John Luke and Mary Kate are cuddled up close to each other with Ella in mom’s arms. The third photo is of Korie getting to hold her tiny granddaughter. Finally, the last pic zooms in on John Luke and Mary Kate’s eldest child, John Shepherd, holding his baby sister’s hand.

“This little girl joined our world on April 8th, and we haven’t stopped staring! So much cuteness! Ella Kathryn you are a dream 💗 Beautiful and sweet, the absolute best blessing! [Mary Kate] and [John Luke] you are amazing parents! It’s the greatest joy to watch you love your babies so sweetly, and John Shepherd, you are the best big brother! Bursting with thankfulness, cuddles and baby kisses around here,” Korie Robertson wrote on her post.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shares Photo With Grandson, Heartwarming Message

Korie Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty family welcomed baby Ella into the world this past week. However, she also posted another heartwarming picture with Ella’s older brother just a couple weeks ago.

Leading up to Easter weekend, Robertson shared that she had been working with the Glorify App, which she helped create. The smartphone app leads you in daily worship with curated Bible readings and guided meditation.

For Easter, the reality TV star lent her voice to a reading on the app. She spoke highly of the series she contributed to, and suggested that her followers “take a look.” In addition, Robertson shared some recent thoughts and a bible verse along with an adorable photo of herself holding her grandson, John Shepherd, in a diaper.

The Duck Dynasty star shared Matthew 4:11 where “angels came and attended [to Jesus].” Robertson talks about how busy she’s been recently and revealed that at times she’s struggled to deal with it all. Yet she’s been able to lean on her faith during those tough times.

“Lately I’ve felt like I’m running 100 miles an hour. We have a lot going on behind the scenes. Most of it is really good things, but it’s a lot. And to be honest, I’ve felt the strain of it,” Robertson posted on Instagram.

“And then I walk out to the garden with my grand baby. The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom, and there is the reminder: We serve a God who is with us in the trials and offers us a place to rest. He is a good father to his son, Jesus, and is a good father to me and to you!” she added.