‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Talks Vegan Cooking in Latest Post with Willie, Miss Kay

by John Jamison

A duck hunting family going vegan? That’s front-page news right there. ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Korie Robertson took to Instagram recently to talk about the most recent episode of “At Home With the Robertsons.”

The whole premise of the Robertson family’s new show on Facebook Watch is to keep an open mind while having a good time with whoever their guest may be. This time, their guest was Dom Thompson, a bodybuilder who is passionate about vegan cooking and lifestyle.

Based on the picture, it looks like the whole crew had a great time.

“So thankful to have vegan chef @domzthompson in our kitchen for #athomewiththerobertsons and also the queen of cooking herself @officialmisskayrobertson on this episode. Our family is known for being in the hunting business, so for him to say yes to come to our home and teach us a few of his vegan recipes was a big deal and exactly what this show is about,” part of Korie Robertson’s caption reads.

Don’t Worry, The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Isn’t Going Completely Vegan… Yet

Many people look at veganism or vegetarianism as all-or-nothing things. While true vegans are definitely out there, people who choose to abstain from meat and/or dairy for one day a week, or one meal a day exist, as well. There are plenty of benefits to varying up diets this way, be them health-oriented or environmental. And it looks like the Robertson’s are willing to give it a shot.

“Our fam might not be ready to make the plunge to vegan after this episode, (we have too much deer meat in the freezer, plus it’s crawfish season in Louisiana) but adding more plants to our diet is definitely happening around here! One of the things Dom said is even if you just start with one meal a week it can begin to make a difference in your health!” Korie continues in the Instagram caption.

Veganism or any other type of restrictive diet doesn’t have to be a philosophy. It can be as simple as making healthy choices for a given situation. For example, when Korie’s dad got colon cancer, she claims that her parents cut out meat from their diets entirely. Relying instead on fish and other sources of protein for 20 years. She says that the rest of her family tried it out for a while as well.