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Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Teases Her Family’s Thanksgiving Plans

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Taylor Hill / Contributor / Getty Images

The Robertson family has all gathered together for Thanksgiving. “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson teased the family was preparing for the holiday in an Instagram post.

In the post, Robertson revealed that she and her husband Willie are hosting the Robertson festivities this year. She didn’t reveal whether the family plans to have duck or a traditional turkey for Thanksgiving.

Robertson captioned images of her family with, “Finally, get to share all the details!! Can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We’re starting the festivities today, on here with the giveaway and at our house with the Robertson fam tonight.”

Korie Robertson’s Family Continues to Grow

The Robertson family is bigger than ever before with new additions and more on the way. In a recent social media post, Willie and Korie welcomed the newest edition to their family – a puppy named Edward. The couple made the trip to a local airport where they picked up the animal from his foster.

The Robertson couple is also grandparents and will be celebrating with the youngest generation of the family. Their son John Luke welcomed his first child Shep in Oct. 2019. John Luke and his wife Mary Kate are also expecting another child as well. Meanwhile, Rebecca also had her first child in 2019 as well.

The couple’s daughter Sadie is pregnant with her first child, which she recently revealed is a girl. The young “Duck Dynasty” star is excited to become a mother and also often shares updates with followers on Instagram. With babies and puppies, the Robertsons have a lot to be thankful for this year.

But they’re also grateful for surviving COVID-19. Recently, three members of the family – Sadie, Korie, and Bella – contracted the virus. Sadie had to go to the hospital due to related symptoms. All three have since recovered.