‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Teases a ‘Roller Coaster’ Ending to New At-Home Series

by Josh Lanier

Korie Robertson says the final episodes of the Duck Dynasty family’s Facebook Watch series that come out this week are a “roller coaster.”

She teased the final two episodes of the first season on Instagram on Monday. The episodes go live Monday and Thursday on Facebook Watch at noon EST. The Monday episodes feature a special guest, and the Robertsons sum up what they’ve learned that week on Thursday’s show. Many Duck Dynasty favorites such as Uncle Si appear in those episodes.

“The last 2 episodes of this season of #athomewiththerobertsons are out this week! It’s been quite the roller-coaster ride and this one is no different…We’re ending on another big topic PLUS a cliff-hanger 😬You’ll have to watch the second part on Thursday to find out if we survive, ha!

“We’re talking about gun control with Trae Crowder “The Liberal Redneck” We may not agree on the way to go about it, but I think we all can agree that we want to see an end to gun violence in our country. Are more gun laws the answer? Mental health checks? Education? Can we come together and find some answers that would actually help save lives? Go watch, and let us know what you think! New episodes Monday and Thursday 11 a.m. CST. …”

Their episode with Trae Crowder was released today, May 24.

Thursday’s episode marks the end of the first season of At Home with the Robertsons. It’s unclear if there will be a second season.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Talks Gun Control

Korie and Willie Robertson sat down with Trae Crowder to discuss his stance on gun control. He’s in favor of it, but in a limited capacity as he’s a gun owner himself. Put short, he isn’t trying to take guns from responsible owners, but he would like to limit the types of weapons people can own.

But Korie Robertson pushed back by discussing a terrifying experience she had earlier this year when someone tried to break into their Louisiana home.

“A lot of people, they can say they’re against them until something happens and then like, ‘Oh where’s the person with the gun?’ Or ‘I wish I had a gun,” the Duck Dynasty matriarch said. “I know it happened this year to us like someone tried to break into our home, and I was very glad Willie had a gun hidden somewhere. And I got it out, and I was sitting on my bed ready.”

Willie Robertson added that there are times when you can’t call the police or they won’t reach you in time. In those moments, your protection is in your hands, he said.