‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Tells Fans to ‘Keep Going’ in New Family Pic from Wedding

by Matthew Wilson

The “Duck Dynasty” clan was never small to begin with. But these days it seems the Robertsons have nearly doubled in size, welcoming new members into the fold.

Recently, Korie Robertson shared a photo of her big and happy family. Her youngest Bella just got married. And all of the Robertsons and their spouses turned out to celebrate the occasion. Just take a look at the pic below and tell us they don’t look happy.

Family is one of the most important things to Korie. And well, she has some advice for any of her followers going through a rough time at home. Robertson promises that family ultimately is ‘worth it’ in the end.

“The FAM…I love what we’re growing into,” she wrote. “Thinking about some of you who may be in a hard season with your kids or in your marriage, and I want to tell you to keep going. It’s so worth it!”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Celebrates Bella’s Wedding

Korie Robertson couldn’t be more excited to celebrate her daughter’s wedding. That’s right, Bella has officially tied the knot with boyfriend Jacob Mayo. The 21-year-old proposed to 18-year-old Bella in November of last year. Bella is the youngest daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson. The two “Duck Dynasty” stars are watching as their children blossom and start families of their own.

Bella follows the trend of her older siblings who all got married in their early 20s. Of course, Willie and Korie Robertson don’t have an empty nest just yet. The couple is still raising their adopted son Will Robertson Jr. And they also have plenty of grandchildren to keep themselves busy with.

But Korie marked the wedding by gloating on her daughter.

“Our BABY girl got married last night, and we are living the dream!” Korie wrote on Instagram of the wedding. “The last of our daughters, so ALL of the biggest, best emotions happening right now!”

And Robertson also shared a few of her favorite memories from the wedding as well.

“When Bella came around the corner with @realwilliebosshog and was literally GLOWING,” Robertson wrote. “When @willrob.jr and @kayleaholdthemayo (Jacob’s sister) sang ‘The Blessing,’ and the family prayed over them and the everyone stood to worship. The sweet words Jacob’s family said about Bella and the reminder from @ryanmkrueger that the commitment of marriage means that you are free to mess up, grow and change because that person loves you with the kind of love that stays.”