‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Uploads Adorable Gallery from Family Visit to Zoo

by Samantha Whidden

On Saturday (September 25th) Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson took to her Instagram to share some adorable snapshots of her family at the zoo. 

“All of the grandbabies are well,” the Duck Dynasty alum shared. “We celebrated with a little trip to the zoo.”

Korie Robertson also asked her followers to share fun things they are planning to do this weekend. One of the Duck Dynasty’s fans wrote, “Going to see my best friend in a play this evening with my family.”

Another fan of the Duck Dynasty beauty added, “Ballgames with all the fam!! We travel in a pack like you guys. And I love every minute!!”

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Opens Up About Her Style of Raising Children 

In a 2015 interview, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson opened up about her own parenting style and how she doesn’t want others to really adapt to her approach to being a parent.

“I’m not saying, ‘Here’s how you need to raise your children,’” the Duck Dynasty star declared. “It’s really about saying, ‘These are your kids. God gave them to you to raise. So this is about what you want for them. What kind of values do you want to instill in them?” 

The former reality TV star further explained that there is a wide range of good, solid values and characters that everyone should want for their children. “We want them to be strong and kind. We want them to be humble and want them to be loving. Also, we want them to be generous, compassionate, hardworking. All the things that you would say you want your kids to be.”

Robertson went on to offer some advice to parents, which was to set some goals as to what kind of people you want to be and how to achieve it. 

When asked if her personalized parenting style works for each of her children, the former reality TV star said that she believes every kid is different. She then said that God gives parents children that are all unique. No two are the same, so parenting the same way for each child isn’t actually going to work.

Robertson also reflected on what her mother told her, which was that life is not fair. Everyone has to learn at a young age that life is not fair. “[Life’s] not going to be fair. And nobody promised that. So if you believe that life is always going to be fair, you’re going to be disappointed sooner rather than later.”

In regards to her ultimate fear as a parent, Robertson said that losing a child would be the biggest people. “But also that plays into our faith,” the Duck Dynasty star added. “We know that God is in control.”