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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Says Willie’s ‘The Masked Singer’ Reveal Was the ‘Cutest Ever’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for dcp)

During a recent episode of “The Masked Singer,” it was revealed that “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson was the man behind the mallard mask.

While he was appearing in the popular celebrity singing competition, Robertson thrilled many fans of the show. And, unsurprisingly, one of his biggest fans was his wife, Korie Robertson. On Friday, Nov. 19, Korie expressed her pride in what her husband accomplished in a social media post.

“PROUD WIFE!! Cutest duck I’ve ever seen, and who knew he could sing,” Korie shared on Instagram.

In addition to her caption, the “Duck Dynasty” star also shared a behind-the-scenes interview Willie gave about his appearance in “The Masked Singer.”

You can check out the video “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson shared from her husband Willie Robertson’s appearance on “The Masked Singer” below.

“Not too long ago, if you’ve told me I’d be standing here with a jacket and wings on my shoulders, I would have said, ‘No way,'” Willie said in the video.

But as he points out, you never know what life will bring you. So, you have to be open to new possibilities. “You always have to leave yourself enough open space to where you can bring on some new challenges,” this “Duck Dynasty” star also shared.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Joins Her Husband in His Behind-The-Scenes Video

Willie also talked about why he decided to join the cast of “The Masked Singer.” However, he was interrupted by a very special person in his life

“What inspired me to come on ‘The Masked Singer’ was that …” Willie said before Korie appeared next to him. The famous “Duck Dynasty” embrace, then Korie praises her husband for his work on the show. “I had to jump in here and tell you how proud I am of you,” Korie said. “He has worked so hard.”

She then talked about how much she enjoyed Willie’s reveal that he was the mallard. “I think that was pretty much the cutest reveal ever, when you took the mask off. You looked so cute. And I’m such a proud wife,” Korie also said.

The video also reminds viewers that singing was not something that Willie Robertson is known for. Turns out, singing is something he truly enjoys. So, he decided to embrace the challenge.

“I know one thing, I love singing. I’ve always loved singing. Whether or not someone thinks I can sing or can’t, I love doing it,” the “Duck Dynasty” star also shared.

Willie also said that listened and learned from the professionals who helped him prepare for his performances. “I came in like a sponge. I really did profess to know anything about music. …” he explained. “At the end of the day, it turned out awesome. And I feel like I learned a ton.”

He also really impressed his wife.