‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Wishes Her Father Happy 70th Birthday: ‘The Most Generous Spirit’

by Quentin Blount

If you are a fan of Duck Dynasty, then head on over to Instagram and wish Korie Robertson’s dad a happy 70th birthday.

As we all know by now, family comes first when it comes to the Duck Dynasty crew. And Korie Robertson has long been known as the mom of the bunch. She is the daughter of John and Chrys Howard, and the daughter-in-law of Phil Robertson found of the Duck Commander. She’s married to Willie Robertson and the couple shares six children together in John Luke, Sadie, Will, Bella, Rowdy, and Rebecca.

But on Monday Robertson took a moment to wish one of her parents a happy birthday. We all know about Korie’s in-laws, Phil Robertson and Miss Kay Robertson. They were stars on Duck Dynasty just like she was. But it was her biological father, John Howard, who officially turned the big 7-0 on Monday. Korie Robertson announced the news to her more than two million followers on Instagram.

“My dad is 70 today!!” Robertson began her post. “Join me in wishing him a Happy Birthday. He lives life with love, passion, and the most generous spirit!”

Just take a look at the photo down below for yourself. It’s safe to say that he looks pretty darn good for a guy who just turned 70-years-old.

Korie Robertson’s Parents Have Appeared on ‘Duck Dynasty’

You may remember that Korie Robertson’s parents, John and Chrys Howard, have made several appearances on Duck Dynasty when the show aired from 2012 until 2017. They have always made it a priority to get to all of the sporting events, performances, and weddings of their 14 beautiful grandkids. Oh, and they have a few great-grandkids now as well.

As you can tell, there is a lot that goes on at the Robertson and Howard households. And as a result, 70-year-old John has to stay in good shape. His daughter took a moment to explain how he continues to do so in his later years.

“He gets his 10,000 steps every day without fail and this past year added a weighted vest to his walks,” she said. “He is full of knowledge, and even better wisdom, he makes us laugh, is there when we need him, and loves us and mom with all his heart, (he tells us all the time with her in earshot, ‘I’m married to a beautiful woman!’)”

And finally, Robertson explained how she aspires to be a person of God, just like she learned to be from her dad.

“He shows us what it looks like to be a truly good, faithful man of God,” she concluded. “I am so thankful! Happy Birthday @johnhoward_7. If this is what 70 looks like sign me up too!”