‘Duck Dynasty’: Meet All of Willie Robertson’s Grandchildren

by Halle Ames

Meet the new extended cast of the Duck Dynasty stars and all of Willie Robertson’s grandchildren.

This family tree is getting pretty massive, so we are going to try and break this down as simply as possible.

Okay, so Miss Kay and Phil Robertson are the patriarch and matriarch of the family. Together they had now 53-year-old Alan, 51-year-old Jase, 49-year-old Willie Robertson, 43-year-old Jules Jeptha “Jep.” While all of the Robertson men have children of their own, we are going to look at just Willie Robertson’s extensive family.

Willie Robertson Family

Willie Robertson married his one and only wife, Korie, in 1992. The couple had three children, John Luke, Sadie, and Bella. They also adopted Willie Alexander at a very young age. Furthermore, they consider Rebecca Lo, a Taiwanese exchange student that had lived with the family since 2004, one of their children. However, Korie Robertson noted that the family hasn’t “officially adopted her. She just kind of has become ours.”

Rebecca has become a staple in the family, sticking around for her junior and senior years of high school and continuing onto LSU. After graduating, Rebecca moved to LA for a fashion internship but eventually returned to Louisiana to live with the Robertson family once again.

Since her own father died when she was just 11, Willie Robertson has been the father figure in her life. Furthermore, when Rebecca married her husband, John Reed Loflin, in 2016, it was Willie Robertson that walked her down the aisle.

John Luke is also married. He wed the beautiful Mary Kate McEacharn in 2015. Sadie tied the knot with Christian Huff in 2019. And 18-year-old Bella Robertson recently got hitched to Jacob Mayo earlier this month.

The only single child of Korie and Willie Robertson is 18-year-old Willie Jr.


Now, let’s move on to the babies of Willie’s babies, also called grandchildren.

Rebecca was the first of the five to have a child of her own, reports US Magazine. In January of 2019, she and John Reed welcomed their first child, a son named Zane.

Only four months later, the oldest biological Robertson, John Luke, shared the exciting news that he and Mary Kate were also expecting a son.

“Excited about this little dude!” John Luke wrote via Instagram in May 2019. “We are over the moon excited to meet him in October, and I am just so grateful for the Lord entrusting us with this incredible gift.”

And by October 2019, the small family welcomed John Shepherd into the world. This April, John Shepard became an older brother, as John Luke and Mary Kate had a baby girl named Ella.

And finally, Sadie Robertson announced in October that she was expecting her first child. Last month, in May, sweet baby Honey arrived.

In total, Korie and Willie Robertson have five children and four grandchildren. Sheesh!